Christmas Lights Used in Bedroom Decoration

How about using Christmas lights in the decoration all year? The setting is charming and romantic.

Increasing Decoration

The Christmas lights are beautiful and provide a very pleasant celebration. With good ideas, they can also compose the decoration at other times of the year, just insert them in environments such as the bedroom

It is very little time for cities to light up and Christmas decorations take over the cityscape and the look of the houses. The climate of joy that this type of décor provides, makes many people look forward to this period that precedes the Christmas festivities. Here at you can get more different models and styles. The good news is that, with imagination, you can use one of the most striking elements of Christmas decoration throughout the year: the Christmas lights.

“Christmas lights are even obsolete at other times of the year. But we can reuse them under shelves or in niches doing all the scenic effects that LED tapes do today, but spending less. The important thing is that they are all the same color. The colored lamps generate interesting effects only for themedparty decorations, “says interior designer and plastic artist Analu Guimarães, from Na Lupa Design.

One of the most suitable environments for the use of this type of lighting is the bedroom . It is especially charming and romantic with the Christmas lights. “To illuminate the inside of the wardrobes is a great device,” Analu says. In the children’s room , this kind of light also fits very well. “For a toy library, the colored lights are super fun,” says the designer.

Project Analu Guimarães, Na Lupa Design: The baby room was a charm with the Christmas lights. The lights have decorative function and also function as indirect lighting.

In one of his projects Analu made use of this resource and comments on the results: “The environment was a nursery of Provençal. Therefore, I used the lights with decorative effect, but also as light  indirect lighting that is ideal for the visual comfort of baby rooms.

The designer decorated the Christmas lights reused with fabric flowers. “I put the flowers around every point of light. This guaranteed all charm and femininity to the curtain in white voile present in the room, “says Analu. This is a simple feature that can add a lot to projects. It is also a way to reuse materials that almost everyone has at home. With creativity and the help of a good professional, you can create interesting, surprising and of course very bright scenes!

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