Challenge Samsung Smart Camera

Let’s take a short break in the week Brazil Avenue, to talk about the challenge that Samsung asked me last week. The idea is to test the new line of compact cameras, Smart Camera Samsung. And she’s Smart because you can connect to the Internet without computer or anything, straight on wifi. Want to know more? Click here.

Well, the first challenge was to test the camera zoom. Today, the business has changed. The Smart Cam has a very cool thing that few compact cameras have: a button that lets you do a lot of manual settings of light and speed as just more bacanudas cameras do.

And that’s what the Samsung asked me to test.

I know in the past my window challenge left a little to be desired. Then, after having been humiliated publicly for the beauty of the pictures of Leo Wood, I decided that time was my time to put my mind to it.

To test the feature of the camera, I decided to play with my lights flasher and see what could stop the exposure time of the photos it took to make a motion effect. And look how cute that was:

But then, after I finish playing with the lights, I decided to increase the degree of difficulty. The lights went out, the exposure time has increased even more and the phone went into action to write words in the air, everything, poetically, made of light.

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