Bring Toys No Longer Use and New Ones Home!

Toy Fair sensitizes children for re-use and shared consumption.

The Toy Club launches an unprecedented initiative to raise the awareness of young people about the need for reuse, recycling and shared consumption, using objects they love:toys.

At the Toy Fair, decorated on June 1st and 2nd at the Children’s Party in the Electricity Museum, each participant can exchange toys that they no longer use for others or others they like.With this activity, children will have the opportunity to take home “new” toys for free and realize that they can share and reuse.According to behealthybytomorrow, Children bring the toys they no longer want and these are valued in “Club money” (notes in kangaroos, the currency of the Toy Club).With this ‘money’ they can ‘buy’ the toys they wanted from other children.If there are toys at the end of the initiative, they will be donated to needy families.

Why buy if you can rent?

The concept of consumption is changing around the world.More important than having a product is to enjoy its benefit.The Toy Club believes it is.And it is believing in this change of mentalities that launches a new concept in Portugal with evidence given in other countries, such as USA, Brazil, France, among others:”Instead of buying, rent.”An anti-crisis measure that promotes responsible and shared consumption.The idea came from the very experience of the promoters of this concept as mothers, as Mariza Gomes tells us.”The idea meets a current need, which is to practice sustainable consumption and teach it to our children,” he explains.In this way, the Toy Club “bets on the concept of conscious consumption, since the reuse of these toys represents a huge step against waste, promoting money saving,”says Mariza Gomes.

Less toys scattered around the house

The greatest joy of parents is to see their children happy.For this we do not measure efforts, spending many times more than anticipated in that new toy that the child so much wants.But as much as the toy pleases, most of the time it is discarded by the child as soon as it ceases to be novelty, becoming another object heaped at home.The Toy Club plays the role of the parents, buying the toys that children use for the period in which they are interested in it.After that, it exchanges the toy for a new one, thus guaranteeing the interest and permanent development of the child.

The Toy Club works in the Greater Lisbon area and has as main mission to rent toys for children from 0 to 8 years, thus avoiding the purchase.It offers a significant variety of options to meet different needs.People will only have to go to the website, register and choose the toy they want and in a short space of time they will have the same in their possession.These are toys of well-known brands, which comply with all norms and legislation in force.

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