Bracelet with Engraving by LESVAR

Do you know what it is today, exactly 7 weeks?Ah, now think about exactly!Right, today in 7 weeks is already Christmas.Oh, well, to be sure, Heilligabend.And if you’re like this, then you’re already in the middle of the search for Christmas gifts.;) My tip for a small, but fine Christmas present is also our jewelery of the week: The Friendbelt “Herzblatt” by LESVAR.

Gift Idea: “Herzblatt” Friendship bracelet with engraving

So if you’re still looking for something as a souvenir, Christmas gift or simply so, then I can really put this pretty bracelet on your heart.Like every jewel of Lesvar, this friendship ribbon was also handmade.With a huge dose of love, of course.But it is also filled by yourself.Because the delicate bracelet is individualisable.Your wish message can be applied to the thin pendant.Your pet name, a formula of happiness or consoling words.Just the way you want it.Thus, from a simple bracelet into a very individual piece of jewelry.And to whomever you give it, he will know that he or she is very important to you.A great thought, do not you think?

Custom jewelry with engraving

Jewelry with engraving is always a great idea. The personal inscription makes it unique, unique in its most beautiful form. What you already know about rings is now also possible with many other jewelery pieces. So also with this bracelet from LESVAR. It consists of a delicate satin ribbon, in the color eggplant, which can be individually adjusted by a knot. Also the pendant with personal inscription is skin-friendly. For it was made of nickelfree metal.
And if you would like a different color, then I have a good news for you: We have this chic bracelet in some other colors in the shop.Click here to find out what exactly that is.

What message would you put on this bracelet?And to whom would you give it?

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