Bracelet by Sabrina Dehoff for the Extravagant Look

I love the word “extravagant”, is not it?It expresses so much.But what I like the most is the self-awareness that is contained in it.For those who like it extravagant, can convince with self-confidence and leave an impression.Also suitable for our jewelery of the day by Sabrina Dehoff.

Bracelet “Big Mountain Bangle”

Extravagant describes this bracelet in an incomparable way.Because it is rocking, chic, extraordinary, stylish and simply unique.Extravagant summarizes everything under one name.The bracelet convinces in several points.On the one hand the blue leather strap, which looks very clean and linear without any closure.Sabrina Dehohh combines this with a bright blue stone in the shape of a triangle.With personally like this really well.The stone is encircled with a gold frame – the bracelet looks elegant.

Extravagant bracelet “Big Mountain Bangle” combine

You might think that this striking bracelet also cries just as unusual looks.But no, he is not at all like that.The bracelet “Big Mountain Bangle” just lives by combining it with an otherwise more simple outfit.Then it can work right.I would advise you to do without rings, because this bracelet is very dominant.It does not want to share its place with other armchairs.

The rest of the look you can keep very clean.Too much color and harsh nuances you should renounce, the steer only from.The “less is more” devise is also true of ear jewelery.Always beautiful comes, when the blue tones of the Armschmuck are also taken up elsewhere.This must not only be the case with an outfit or jewelery, but can also be reflected, for example, in the nail polish.

By the way, the bracelet can be stretched a bit, so you can easily put on it and do not have to worry about losing it.

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