Bra for Women with Breast Cancer and Importance on Self-Esteem

ra For Women with Breast Cancer and Your Importance on Self-Esteembehave, which influences the way other people see us, which influences the way we behave, so in a infinite loop.

Last year I also told here that my mom had breast cancer. She died in the year 2000, and for 10 years, ever since her mastectomy (breast removal surgery) of the left breast until the day she died, she used the same single BRA, which had been very expensive and it was pretty bad, but I had a tab for your external silicone prosthesis. Since she died, it has been sixteen years, and the industry hasn’t changed much in that sense. Who needs to buy this type of BRA, still no option to store, price, and mainly, of models and colors. It is not enough for the woman to look in the mirror and see a huge scar instead of your breast, and feel mutilated and ugly, she needs to settle for any bra.

If you have never had a family member with breast cancer, don’t you dare think about a piece of clothing is relevant for anyone who needs to worry about a disease as serious, because I know exactly what I’m talking about, and I very much regret that my mom had to go through that ta too. Sixteen years later, I can’t do anything for her, but this text is intended to make the industry thinking about these women and allow them to be able to rebuild your self-image and your self-esteem while fighting for your life.

I’m not even going to mention all the problems caused by chemotherapy and/or radiation therapy, or fear of death, which is still prominent, since the science doesn’t seem to move when it comes to breast cancer. Let’s focus on the BRA, that is a piece that we choose for your functionality but I think if the model is ideal for the type of shirt or dress that people will use, since we don’t want the handle to appear , or that he select too much tissue, or blouses and dresses more dug to make him appear.

And take your clothes off in front of boyfriend or husband? It doesn’t matter if it’s a long-term relationship as of my parents was when she took her breast (they were married for 11 years), or if it’s a recent relationship. Take your clothes off in front of a man is a cause of insecurity to a lot of women, and in addition to this woman know that guy will see her body after surgery, still has the frustration of wearing a bra bad. Women who underwent a mastectomy is entitled to have an active sex life, but more than that: They have a right to feel beautiful!

Earlier this year, the Plié, company of underwear, and the Oncoguia Institute, an organization that offers support and guidance to people with breast cancer, made a partnership that resulted in the creation of a bra for women with tumors in the breasts and went through the mastectomy, and use an external prosthesis.

Part of the money obtained from the sale of these Bras is reverted to Oncoguia himself, who fights for the rights of the sick, in addition to promoting educational campaigns and meetings on the disease. “Women with breast cancer live a moment of weakness, since the breasts are important in issues like femininity, sensuality and sexuality”, notes the psycho-oncologist Luciana Holtz, President of the organization. “Have a piece that helps to raise the self-esteem is very important”, he adds.

This is the model offered by the brand, and that was developed from the medical guidelines, with the aim to bring the maximum possible comfort without compromising handling. The fabric used to manufacture the product undergoes special processing, which eases breathing of the skin and accelerates healing of surgical cuts.

He looks comfortable, really. But I don’t think it helps in matters of femininity and self-esteem. According to Thedressexplorer, an American brand called Jonotjoe was created by a woman (Dana Donofree) who underwent a double mastectomy to 27 years and struggled to find a lingerie you seem suitable, and developed tops, bras and even more sensual pieces, all thinking in needs of a woman in recovery of this kind of treatment.

The tag sends to Brazil, and despite being a little more expensive than some products here in Brazil, has more options than some national brands such as Darling, Mastec line.

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