Bobbi Brown Nail Polishes

It’s finally (!) nail polishes by Bobbi Brown. So far only limited and in the upcoming “Desert Twilight Collection” which is so slow now from July in stores, available, but hopefully in the future an often-seen product with Bobbi Brown, because I like them already!

In addition to the two paints yet a beautiful range be duo in the collection, a bronzer/blush (with the great “Peony pink” illuminating bronzer on one side and the “Bahama”Brown shimmer blush on the other side), two new high shimmer gloss, four limited edition lip gloss, two creamy colors for lips and cheeks (in a tube), a long-wear gel eyeliner (Musthave!), a long-wear cream shadow in a beautiful turquoise blue, and a really slick mini brush set be available. I’ll show you photos at the end of the post.

Which will make eyes who has now thought that nail varnishes at Bobbi Brown so subtly and naturally are like their philosophy, – the two first paints come in bright turquoise and metallic iridescent dark violet. So, “Turquoise” and “Twilight” but color perfectly fit to the rest of the collection! I am curious how to look more varnishes at Bobbi if she decides to go on!

“Twilight”, the dark, iridescent metallic paint is officially a “Shimmer Nail Polish”. True!The color reminded me immediately of “velvet plum’, the cream eye shadow Bloggerliebling of the event. What already beautiful looks in the vial, cuts a fine figure on the nail!

It is painted on-the-fly not SO nice, I really just made swatches because any of the paint will get even an own blog post.

As you can see, the brush is not special. Actually a little bit a pity, now that all firms are making broad brush, has one here probably a bit “saved”. However, it is work well. The consistency is a dream, with a layer of opaque. As usual but with two coats painted, see above. I have applied no topcoat.

Like all metallic paints you must make sure a bit on it to work to preserve the Schlieren optical result from the texture, as straight and beautiful clean and broad.

Turquoise” is purely and simply a creamy “Nail Polish”, without bells and whistles. The turquoise is pretty gaudy. The color is wonderful and succeeded in really. Sure that I rarely wear blue on nails, I can’t enough see me on the color. At the moment it does not fit, but starting next week, it has finally come!

The color affects the image to “Twilight” really blue, it’s actually a turquoise blue but really, one very good notices, the slightly greenish turquoise impact. The image here is quite true.

Also here the same brush, the same, beautiful texture, with a layer of opaque. As always but with two layers. With basecoat, without topcoat.

My preliminary conclusion to two coatings:
TOP! Two beautiful colors that fit tightly themed to the collection. “Turquoise” can be used great of course now in the summer, otherwise the collection creates the transition to fall very well!

The two coatings are actually indispensable for Bobbi fans, I don’t know how long I’ve been waiting on it, that finally finishes coming! I find both very successful and complete painting looking forward to it.

Cost:approx. €15 each. I think okay, even though it is of course much cheaper, if I look at there eg essie, but it’s just Bobbi Brown.And since it is the first paint, I look down from the price. Bought I would have it I guess or I’m so, so happy, that I got them to test.

The other products of the collection by the way so look for:

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