Beauty Express: Eyebrow Ombre!

The ombré hair has already conquered the hair of the most alert women and now promises to be present in the eyebrows this summer. The effect used on the hair by Leticia Spiller, Vanessa Giácomo, Giovanna Antonelli, among other famous, that brings the natural color of the root and the clearest tips, now comes to the eyes to bring more naturalness and lightness to the technique of micropigmentation.

On the eyebrows, this dégradé is worked without the strong contrast used in the hair. The idea is to give a clearer tone at the tips and stronger on the bow, thus balancing the color in the region. Micropigmentation works like a female tattoo, but as the pigment reaches a more superficial layer of the skin, the durability is one to two years, in addition, the drawn features are much finer, ensuring the same appearance of the original yarn.

“If you do not want to opt for micropigmentation, this effect can be copied with a traditional eyebrow pencil. The ideal is to always exercise less weight in the pencil at the beginning and at the end, marking with intensity only the bow “explains Luzia Costa, who created Sóbrancelhas.

Sóbrancelhas, a franchise network specialized in face and face embellishment, was founded in 2013 by the beautician Luzia Costa who, with more than 10 years of experience, developed an entrepreneurial vision and realized the need of the market in the sector of aesthetics and beauty, Aimed at personalized service for eyebrows. Currently, in addition to offering more than ten specialized services, Sóbrancelhas works with its own product line. The brand offers three business models, the traditional shopping mall, the”Sobbranhas Truck”and the pioneering kiosk model, which distinguish it in the market. The network, which is responsible for generating 450 direct jobs, serves an average of 75,000 people per month, with services ranging from R $ 25 to R $ 490.

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