Beautiful Ideas for the Wedding Anniversary

We have still a few former brides here, which this summer celebrate their first wedding anniversary, already? Here we have written once before about how it felt to Friederike, the first year as a married couple. Their now already third wedding anniversary (madness, as time goes by, we’ll be old ;-)) spend Frederica and her husband again on good Thansen in the bridal suite. It’s great that the two each year enjoy it, or? Once again the day Revue passaging, maybe watch the wedding video on the Tablet, delicious food, go for a walk and say: ‘Oh, look, as we stood and made the fun photos with the bridesmaids and your guys’… and just enjoy a break from everyday life. So beautiful! And this year it is especially exciting for me and Friederike, because I and my husband watch my super sweet nephew Finn on the day! 😉

It occurs to me that we still don’t know what we do on our first wedding anniversary. But we have still some time… 🙂 Conveniently, the first anniversary of many couples is usually on a Sunday…Well, but for the most brides and grooms from 2015, because due to the leap year we ‘must’ settle bad luck Monday. But we want to not hang us once on a date, you can Yes or to celebrate.

Maybe we go in the church service, then in the Heath walk and afterwards enjoy the delicious cakes on the Eggers justice… We have already plastered the frozen remains of the wedding cake for Easter at home. There but some remained and we wanted to share it with the rest of the family.

But there’s also so many other nice ideas to anniversary or wedding day:

The classic: a romantic dinner for two, with the wedding menu wedding restaurant, here at you can get more different models and styles.

Spa day or weekend (we are Yes fans of the Arosa hotels, E.g. which on Sylt (Instagram) is also a Day Spa day in Weissenhaus worth it!)

Flowers: Yes, also a classic, but a friend of Friederike on wedding day once again her bridal bouquet from her husband received, such a great idea! Friederike has raved to her husband several times, but he has heard it so far 😉 Let’s see if it’s as far as this year… 😉

Jewelry: also a classic, an extension of the Eheringswith an Aufstecktring, one other stone for the ring and matching earrings…

Get a great night for two at home, a delicious self cooked meal or you indulge in a Leihkoch you (we have never tried, I imagine but super!). Matching as a gift a chimney for the cozy atmosphere or whiskey glasses with parapluesch engravings for the nightcap (both available for example here). Especially for a wedding day in the autumn or winter ideal.

And yet something must of course come from us: a small version of the wedding cakeor a couple of glasses with candy of candy bar :-)) yummy!

Well, and then ten, twenty year in the country, and the men forget our wedding day 😉 No, of course not! So what happens never, ne Papa 😉

What did you do for beautiful on your wedding day?

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