Bags of Wheels: Models

The back school is already coming and you still haven’t bought your child’s backpack? Know that there are several types of backpacks, however children prefer backpacks with wheels. 
Below you can see some interesting models of wheelie backpack via ewenzhou.

This first tip of bag is for girls. The girls love the cartoon characters a good option is to choose a pink Paisley backpack.
There are several models of Barbie, Penelope PitStop, princesses, among other designs.
It is important to choose a backpack according to children’s character that the child likes.
If you don’t find the bag you are looking for in the store you can replace with another template like and with another drawing.

The second option of wheelie backpack is for boys.
There are also several types of backpacks for children with drawings of Batman, Super Men, SpongeBob, among other characters.
Choose the bag according to the child’s favorite character.
Search enough, because stores may vary in price and also the model of backpacks.

If your son is very small a good option is to choose the Words and Patato’s backpack.
This backpack is hit with the kids children love.
The backpacks are unisex serve both for boys as for girls.
Some models come with another small backpack for your back.

Another school bag which is a fever among the kids of backpack Carossel novel. There are several models according to the characters. Some packs come with all the characters.
This bag also serves for boys and for girls.

To the fifth option you can choose a theme from Disney’s backpack. This is one of the best selling backpacks, as is well known. For the children you can choose the model of Mickey, Pluto, goofy, Donald Duck, among other characters.
For girls you can choose the model of Minnie, Daisy, among others. Some bags of wheels also comes with more characters depending on the model.

The last option of wheelie bag is of Monica’s gang. These characters are also a big hit among children is an excellent choice. For girls the main characters are Monica and Maggy.
For boys the main characters are the chives or smudge.
There are other characters and some models also come with all the characters together.

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