Ask Manolo: Summer Hat?

Howdy! Now it starts popping up lots of warnings about the Sun’s dangerous rays. And as if that wasn’t enough, so it’s tough with all too much sun on the skull on hot summer days. So then I wonder what is suitable to put on his head to protect it while keeping a certain style to their attire. Grateful for answers, Fredrik

Summer hats are certainly an interesting topic. Mind the image of a handsome summer with off-white linen suit could hardly be more perfect than with a panama hat. Those who can’t spend the holiday on the Caribbean, however, need not despair. There are Hat types for all, these three paragraphs.

Panama Hat
Maybe the hat that is most associated with summer. The origins of the Panama Hat comes from Ecuador and was discovered by Spanish conquistadors who brought the hat to Europe. Since then, everything from historical figures such as Napoleon III to Orson Welles and Humphrey Bogart in any modern time has borne this hatttyp. As a raw material used a straw called Toquilla which then after a long process of drying and weaving creates the Panama Hat. For those who want to improve even more this hat model and its history recommended Borsalinos PDF article on the subject.

The Round Straw Hat
The round straw hat is a pretty severe cage hat with limited crowd that actually manage to wear it up. The move to 100,000 visitors come here is unfortunately not too far for those who feel unsure about this hatttyp.The model had, above all, its heyday in the 1920s, when a number of famous politicians bar round straw hat. Mostly we remember maybe hat on Fred Astaire.

The Soft Fabric Hat
Also called tourist hat, which is carried along with the faded t-shirts, magväska and bad cartridge. Are you overqualified graduates where the basic garment is a green mossy Tweed Blazer with elbow pads in brown suede is this hatttyp not entirely astray. Among other things, is Woody Allen a warm advocate of this hat.

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