Appodeal Introduces Insights, Statistics to Help Developers Monetize Their Apps

If there is something we usually do almost everything is relating the advertising of mobile apps with companies like Google, owner of the Adwords and Adsense services, but rarely we think that there are printed that they are involved in such exploitation. Developers rely on these companies for monetize your applications and one of them is Appodeal.

Appodeal want to now go one step further and put at the disposal of the developers a tool with which to better understand the performance of your ads and help them earn more income. The new feature is called Insights and it does not offer few options for the optimization of this advertising in apps which is, in many cases, the only source of income for the developers.

Insights, the new Appodeal function

Appodeal has always supported an idea: return power to the hands of the developers, helping them to monetize their apps and your traffic with highest possible potential, fast and easy way. We also firmly believe in to help application developers access to what is truly theirs, advertising revenue, and that can get, so all the benefits of their work

With this speech by Pavel Golubev, CEO and founder of Appodeal, opens Insights, the new tool of Analytics to optimize advertising in apps and that will provide indicators to developers, so that they can maximize revenue using the same tool you used so far, Appodeal.

From Appodeal to assure that the implementation of Insights is extremely simple because it will mean the inclusion of ten lines in the source code of the app and that this process, and subsequent adjustment, should not take you more than one hour of your time. Thanks to this code, Appodeal will be a screening of the best advertisers and the most suitable for every moment.

Insights revealed through of their indicators and reports the pattern of use of apps in addition to user profiles that each app arrives, allowing you to decide which type of advertising is most suitable for each of these profiles among the most common: clicks, impressions and CTR, eCPM. This is what Appodeal says it offers Insights:

  • Verify the effectiveness of ads from various networks
  • It helps to decide the best place to place ads within the app
  • Breakdown of the effectiveness of the ads between different versions of the same app
  • Information about the users of the app such as gender, age, education and relations
  • Statistics of efficiency of ads in different devices (tablets, smartphones, etc.)

The New Insights functionality is now available for registered Appodeal users and It can be implemented, as they ensure its developers, in about an hour. Whether you are already Appodeal users as if you want to give a chance to the tool and Insights, you only have to go to our site.

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