Apple Has a New Patent to Control The Mobile Aerial Gestures

Force Touch came to the Macbooks and later 3D Touch made his entrance in the iOS world, on the screen of the iPhone. Apple always goes on the hunt for ways to improve the experience of use of their terminals, and on this occasion has patented a new system of air gestures, as he also patented the use of gloves on their screens a while ago. A system that would make it possible to interact with the screen of the iPhone without touching it.

Of course, own a patent does not pass its functionality to production, not even happen in a short space of time. Although Apple is interested go ahead as regards this type of improvements, all time that Force Touch will come to Android in 2016 more massively, After the small dalliance of Huawei Matt S at the end of 2015.

Infrared LEDs and photodiodes to detect our gestures

The new patent proposes the use of an array of Infrared LEDs and photodiodes, similar to those currently used in proximity sensors that turn off the screen as you approach the face during a call. This mesh of sensors would capture the presence of your finger on the screen, until it arrived to press it, enabling all kinds of aerial gestures to interact with iOS.

This new system would allow, among other things, press virtual buttons, make gestures on the screen or, in a more practical case, hang up a call, simply passing the hand on the screen of the iPhone. Developers depends on that these new improvements eventually integrated into your software or not. 3D Touch is beginning to return to normal in the App Store, and these air gestures could also have a great acceptance.

They are also not only for iOS, Macs

This patent would not affect only iOS, but it would have applications in the Mac territory and the peripherals. Multi-touch panels, which today already work for Force Touch on new models, could accept aerial gestures in the future. For it not to speak of the possible expansion to mice and even future graphics tablets the giant of Cupertino.

As we can see, the possibilities are many, but for now it is only a patent. However, now we know that air movements are in the mind of the Apple development team and that we could see them implemented in a not-too-distant future. Meanwhile, that the 3D Touch expand conveniently between third-party App Store applications.

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