Advantages of Using LED Technology

The technology of LED lighting (Light Emitting Diode, or led) provides up to 80% energy saving compared to traditional lighting solutions and require the minimum of maintenance due to the extremely long service life.

The lifetime of a LED lamp is much higher than their incandescent equivalents or fluorescent still used. Still have to guarantee excellent lighting performance and reliable due to the most modern technology.

Lower cost of maintenance: In function of your long service life, maintenance is much smaller, representing lower costs.

Low operating voltage: Does not represent danger to the installer.

Resistance to impacts and vibrations: Uses solid-state technology, so no filaments, glass, etc., increasing your strength.

Dynamic control of color: With proper use, you can obtain a varied spectrum of colors, including various shades of white, allowing a perfect fit of the desired color temperature.

Direct light, increasing the efficiency of the system: Although still not be the most efficient light source, lighting fixture can be obtained with high efficiency, due to the possibility of directing of the light emitted by the LED from

Environmentally friendly: It does not use mercury or any other element that causes damage to nature.

Absence of ultraviolet: Do not emit ultraviolet radiation being ideal for applications where this type of radiation is undesirable. For example, in paintings, works of art, among others.

The absence of infrared: Also do not emit infrared radiation, causing the beam to be cold.

Longer service life: depending on the application, the service life of the equipment is long, without the need for Exchange. It is considered as service life minimum maintenance of light equal to 70% after 50,000 hours of use.

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