5 Ways to Wear Head Scarf

I’m do assumed and card-carrying of tissues, especially using them tied up in the head, in various interpretations of turbans. But the truth is that tissues are a super Joker in the closet. Funny with a piece of cloth (square or rectangular) can be so Chameleon and take so many roles and positions in the same look. To prove it, I set up a basicão look (denim skirt–this means years 90 it’s in fashion now–and a striped blouse), chose a scarf well charmosinho (square, not too big, not too small) and tried to put the creativity into practice.

An hour later, 5 different looks, all because of the scarf.


I love and you’ve seen 500,000 times around here. Is fácílimo of tie, gives a super personality pro look and still covers the hair root (perfect for that day we got a damn lazy to take shampoo, but the oil there in the root’s mad).


OK, you don’t like a turban, you think too daring, have difficulties to tie or to keep the bug fixed in head, can still play much with your favorite scarf. I learned to wear scarves tied on the handle with my muse mór Lendra MenRepeller. She is maga to wear scarves in different positions and innovative, but of all his inventions, I think this was my favorite.

Well, needless to say, that is one of the easiest of all anchor points. Literally, just go folding your scarf for him to be very thin and long. Then just start rolling around the wrist and end with a knot. And don’t even bother to hide the tips of the node: they are 70% of the charm of the story.


Think of the flight attendants in your childhood, that impeccable uniform and those hairs trapped in coke with redinha, and gel. Now think about the neck of these girls. Thought? Has or does not have a handkerchief there?

Yes, for me neckerchief is pretty stewardess of the years 80. What I find amazing. After all, had to be more charming than they?

Again, it is all too easy to tie: folding to form the tripinha and then just wrap around your neck and tie the ends. I like to use the knot to the side to be more charming and less look like a boy scout.


I don’t need to do the exercise again, huh? Thought, that thought scarf pirate tied up there of the forehead (ok, who’s as I remember also from Bahia Bel Marques). Here at top-medical-schools.org you can get more different models and styles.

The mooring is cute pirate, super young and has a footprint of the charming well rebel.

  1. The Handkerchief FROM HER PURSE

Finally, the scarf tied on the handle of the handbag. If no exudes wealth and fixed fight? And it’s so simple! Just pick your handkerchief and tie a knot in the strap of your favourite handbag.

You have more bacanudos and creative ways to use your handkerchiefs? Account here for me! Or put there in tagueia the @mourajo and Urges. I promise to share here!

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