14 Samsung Nanometer Processors May Soon Reach The Galaxy of Mid Range

The war of processors not only to make them smaller or powerful, also gets to improving existing ones and so move all the ranges, although improvements are reaching the top models and then extend into the lowest categories. Now Samsung makes an interesting announcement regarding their chips Exynos.

As we know, Samsung got a few months ago come to manufacture its first 14 nanometers with FinFET technology chips, giving birth to the manufacturing capacity to the 8890 Exynos now moving both the S7 Samsung Galaxy Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. In his obsession to reach 4 NMS for the year 2020, the technology of 14 nm FinFET’s third generation is here.

Small, cheap and efficient

Advances in processors not only gives power to the leaders of catalogue because it allows evolve the lowest categories. Ranges low and average benefit from advances that provide the flagships and in the manufacture of processors for mobile takes place exactly the same.

Samsung, which already produce 10 nanometer chips by the end of this year, we will see if also for Apple or not, has now arrived to evolve its 14-nanometer technology to the third generation. This one, which will start to produce mass in just a few months, will allow to build more efficient chips to energy level and, this is very important, also cheaper.

Would he do it? Getting to reduce the number of layers required to build wafers on which rests the other components of the processor. Thus, without further shrinking the size of transistors and keeping 14 NMS, Samsung has managed to reduce the energy consumption of their chips.

This process has resulted in the creation of a third generation of 14 NM, the FinFET Compact Low-Power processors or LPC. Moreover, by requiring fewer steps to produce the chip, and less raw, new processors from 14 nanometers FinFET LPC will become cheaper, paving the way to be adopted by the lower ranges Exynos.

They will go into production in a few months

The new 14-nanometer processors they could be on the market in just a few months so we could see new chips Exynos this technology before the end of the year. Closely follow the catalog of Samsung to know when starts to introduce them. Will certainly be a breakthrough that smartphones range media begin to mount brains of 14 NM at this level.

Meanwhile, we will continue waiting to see what chip is that accompany the 823 Snapdragon which will mount the Samsung Galaxy Note 6, because the South Korean manufacturer used to build a couple of models destined to one and other markets. Do we will be faced? an updated version of the 8890 Exynos with the new technology of 14 nm FinFET LPC?

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