Tips For Buying Pillow

At The Time Of Buying The Pillow:

We all know the importance of a great night’s sleep. It is enough to sleep badly one night, to feel the next day the lack that a restful sleep does. Sleep well improves mood, memory, appearance, prevents illness and makes you live longer. The pillow has key role for a good night’s sleep.

Sleeping Position:

Sleeping sideways is the position most indicated by experts. Even knowing this, many people can not change their sleeping position. For these cases, the Santista created pillows with supports indicated for each one of the positions, in order to mitigate the damages to the health:

By Side: firmer/taller pillows, to fill the space between head/neck and shoulder, forming a 90° angle. For this posture to be even more beneficial it is recommended to place a second pillow between the legs, at the knee. This will allow for alignment of the spine and balance of the body and will prevent friction between the knees.

De Costas (belly up): medium-supported pillows that provide light head height and support the curvature of the neck. To be more comfortable in this position, use a second pillow under your legs to avoid straining the spine.

Lumbar (belly down): softer / lower pillows that do not lift your head too much. To align the spine and avoid pain, it is suggested to sleep with a second soft / low second pillow in the abdomen at waist level.

The Santista Supports pillow line offers different options for you to find the most ideal. The table below will assist in choosing the correct pillow / carrier:

Fluff Your Pillow Daily:

The pillows that have polyester fiber in their filler are very soft and comfortable, however it is a natural feature of the product, losing its height with time of use. In order for it to remain cuddly longer, it is important to carefully rub it every day, in the morning, after getting up, for example.

Pillow Has Expiration Date:

It is advisable to exchange pillows at least every two years. During the night, without realizing it, secretions from the eyes, nose, mouth and remnants of makeup are released. A pillow with six months of use, already contains large contamination of mites and, after two years of use, up to 25% of its weight may be formed by mites.

The secretions are deposited inside the pillow and may develop respiratory allergies. Pillows with antimicrobial properties help to reduce respiratory allergies, but even with time, they also deposit microorganisms inside.

Stay tuned! The exchange of the pillow should be made at least every 2 years, however this time will vary according to use. For example, if you are a person that is too much, we advise, in addition to using a protective cover for pillow, that the exchange is made in less than two years.

Care Of Conservation:

Although Santista pillows are dishwasher safe, it is advisable not to wash them very often (at most every 6 months). Because they are fiber filled, they naturally deform naturally over time.

When washing your pillow, follow the instructions:

Only wash your pillow if you can ensure complete drying (for example, it is not advisable to wash in a week of rain);

Never expose the pillows to the sun. The rise in internal temperature causes increased mites, fungi and bacteria. Ultraviolet radiation may also leave the skin yellow.What is indicated is to let it air weekly;

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