Tips for Buying Clothes Online

Buy online is the new way to shop. With thousands of pieces of clothing and accessories available at dozens of sites, affordable prices, regular promotions and all this without having to leave the House, there will be women who resist? To make the most of this experience – to make it feel like the repeat of course! -Remember these tips and … happy shopping!

  1. Compare prices. The golden rule for who is going to buy clothing and accessories online is compare prices … always! There are always multiple sites with the same items for sale and, therefore, worth losing a few minutes to check the price for each.
  2. Check the ports. In addition to compare the prices of the clothes and accessories you want to buy online, it is important to know what is the price of postage. Even if you have to simulate the purchase until the end to find out how much it will cost to send, please do so: it may not be worth it to buy this site and get cheaper in another.
  3. Return policy. A practical and flexible return policy is crucial for those who buy clothes and accessories online stores, because, as we have the opportunity to see us in the mirror before you make the purchase, there has to be a viable plan B! Miss a few minutes and read this part of the online shopping site: you want to be able to Exchange or return it easily to order if you do not like/don’t serve/don’t look good/change your mind, right?
  4. Detailed Measures. Every online shopping site may be governed by different sizes and, while on one side the S can actually be your size, this can equate to an XS. So, don’t be lazy and analyze the measures that online fashion sites usually offer and take your measurements before you press the “buy” button.
  5. Receive the newsletter. Register in your favorite online fashion sites and receive the periodic newsletter of the store in your mailbox, so always be aware of your promotions. In addition, many online stores send newsletters whose promotion codes have an expiration date more extensive, meaning that if you’re not buying at the moment, is it worth archive newsletters to use later. Create a folder in your email account exclusively for these newsletters, divided by online stores, for example.
  6. Facebook friends. In addition to the newsletter, be friend/fan of your favorite online stores on Facebook, where the marks are often exclusive and last minute deals for fans, not to mention also in attractive pastimes.
  7. Try before you buy. These days, even if there is around us the physical store, it is not uncommon to send come, still, clothing and accessories via the Internet – is more practical, sometimes cheaper, we find sizes or models that have sold out at the store, etc. However, the existence of the physical store can also assist the online purchase. How? Serves to try, live, clothing and accessories before you order, avoiding unnecessary exchanges/returns, while enjoying the most competitive prices and/or online promotions.
  8. In conjunction. Be attentive to online shopping sites that offer free shipping: some apply to all purchases, other purchases above a certain value. If you’re going to buy some clothes and is dating an attachment, why not wait and then make the decision, send all and free? In addition, you can invite a friendto join your/familiar order and thus split the shipping costs or avoid them altogether if the same value exceed the minimum threshold.

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