The Decoration of Home or Office

Images may be used in frames, banner and even custom wallpapers

Pictures, besides being a way to decorate the environments, are also a ruse to make them closer, honor people and important situations, or even place the visitor on who are your hosts. In the bedroom, for example, the couple can magnify an image with the children. In another situation, the company can present frames with photographs of their offices.

For each of these possibilities, there are a number of formats to turn snapshots into decoration. One of them is the collage, where multiple pictures are arranged to form, on the whole, a harmonic composition. The images can be of varying sizes or equal, mixing people and places, and even alternating colored and black and white.

But get a casual placement of pictures requires a lot of planning. The web based service CollageWall in San Francisco, in the United States, can simplify the process. Offers customized standards and formats collages. The photos are printed on professional paper with a glossy finish and placed a black support. The sizes are different from usual, since, according to the company, it is difficult to create a uniform layout using the traditional dimensions of pictures.

Depending on the size, the collages can cost between $50, with about of 45 cm wide, 30 cm tall, $604, with 1.8 meter by 90 centimeters – in real, the values are between 88 and 1,071 R$ R$. The average prices, according to the website, is $150 to $350, or 265 R$ and R$ 620, values that do not include shipping. The delivery time is up to 12 days from the request, but the site sends only to u.s. addresses. Even so, worth for the inspiration in the examples, there are several suggestions for arrangement.

Expansion in screen

You know that wonderful sunset registered with the camera phone? Because you can make a screen of up to 60 cm by 1.8 meter. And without losing the quality. The site CanvasPop specializes in increasing daily photos, including those made to the telephone set, keeping the details. Technicians act to ensure that an iPhone photo, for example, be so good in a meter as in four and a half inches.

The technique works well for image with little movement, because the texture of the material softens the offset, rather than make it flashy, with a smooth and shiny background. The site also offers the option “filters and effects”, which allow you to highlight a single color and leave the rest of the image in black and white, turn the photo into pop art, comic books or vintage, among others.

Photo model with prominent effect of a single color

The art can be printed on vintage wallpaper, and the client chooses the frame you live, or the frame, with thicknesses ranging from 19 to 63 mm. The prices of “wrapped” mode (without table) range from $30 to $219, and ready to hang coming out between $49 and $419 – in real, 53 R$ the R$ 740.

Big, huge!

For those who love large formats, there are other services that offer larger size printing. Also material options are varied, and include stickers – up to paste on the floor and step up-, vinyl and custom wallpaper, among others. The WizardPrints site is one that offers printing on adhesive. With 45 by 60 centimeters, the job goes for $35.50, and 1.8 for 1.37 meter the price is $239.50 – real, 63 and R$ R$ 425.

Wallhogs makes printing on vinyl with differentiated clipping

The Wallhogs works with vinyl decals, and draws attention by different formats that can work. Without the limitations of homemade printer, you can create a specific cut, as in the photo below. Vinyl is reusable (up to five times) and can be removed without damaging the wall or door. The company offers decals with 30 cm sizes (starting at $13 or $23) about two meters (up to $119, or $211).

If big is not enough, how about covering the entire wall with a custom image? The DesignYourWall makes custom wallpapers. The idea is not new: country scenes and sunset broke into the walls in the years 1970. Four decades later, it is possible to choose any image or pattern to decorate the environments. Support materials include Terralon, polyester, natural fiber, vinyl and textured materials.

But who opts for something bigger need to know to put a picture on the wall is a long process, with round trips between the client and the company that makes sense, because the final product is more permanent than screens or other decorations.

Modernized tradition

In addition to the large formats, made possible by the new technologies of printing and imaging, the traditional frames remain an option. The alternative, however, did not fail to win a “21 century version”: the digital picture frame. With screens ranging from an inch and a half to fourteen inches in main models, the unit plays back digital photos, alternating the images as in a screen saver.

Keychain with picture frame 1.5 inch digital

Prices start at 47 R$, for the locksmith with smaller screen, and can exceed the 1500 R$, depending on the technology. Some devices work with internal memory: a cable connects the frame to the computer, the user enters the images and then unplug the appliance. Others have USB port, which allows you to put the images in a flash drive and connect the drive to the player. There are still alternatives that play MP3 and MP4 formats, enabling the display of videos, for example – and working as a computer minitela.

14 inch model Coby

And, as usually happens with new technology, there are fun templates, which unite innovation and design. The Imaginarium store, for example, has the picture frame I’m on TV, model with retro tv format and designing images of 340 by 320 pixels. There’s no USB input, because he works with internal memory or memory card. In addition, plays MP3 and it works as a clock and alarm clock.

I’m on TV, the model Imaginarium, costs R$ 439 on the store’s website

More traditional but with larger screen, seven inches to 480 photos by 324 pixels, the Hi Tech model accepts USB and does not have internal memory even plays videos. Costs 389 R$. Both devices have bivolt charger store.

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