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Today I come here to talk about the portable filter Mini Sawyer, a little-known equipment by practitioners of outdoor activities here in Brazil, but of utmost importance in the implementation of outdoor activities, especially in wild environments, where we can’t be sure of the quality of the water we can find.

On the mark:

Since 1984 the American company Sawyer has been devoting in offering highly technological products, reliable and effective for protecting their users in the practiceof outdoor activities. Using science and rigorous testing, develops solutions in water treatment, insect repellent and sunscreen.

Presentation of the Portable Filter Mini Sawyer:

Considered by many experts the best portable filter, Mini Sawyer excels in general all other similar, both in practicality, versatility and amount of water processed. We’re talking about 360 million liters of water, I don’t know any other productwith such life.

Designed with the same hospital dialysis filters technology, the Sawyer filter is constructed of hollow fiber membrane, composed of micro-tubos in the form of “U”, thus allowing the water get in your core through tiny some micro-porous, thus preventing contaminated water stay housed inside the tubes.

Mini Sawyer-u Tube

Source: Sawyer

The high number of these tiny tubes and your significant surface area, allow the filter has a faster flow rates available in the world.

Each filter Sawyer is certified for micron absolute; This means that there is no poresize greater than 0.1 0.02 Micron size or. This makes it impossible for bacteria, protozoa, or cysts like Giardia, e. coli, Vibrio cholerae and Salmonella (causing typhoid fever and cholera) to pass through the Sawyer PointONE ™ biological filter to log 7 (99.99999%) of the filter reaches the highest level of filtration available today in the world.

Mini Sawyer-Water filter

If viruses are a problem, it also has the technology point ZeroTWO Purifier (0.02 Micron pores absolutes). This is the first and so far only portable purification deviceto physically remove viruses. This happens at a rate of 5.5 99.9997%), log (higher than the EPA and NSF recommendations.

Mini Sawyer

Source: Sawyer

Revolutionary technology company Sawyer has also been implemented in projects with the United Nations, and is being used in more than 70 countries around the world.

They have been tested in the field for years by dozens of companies, professionals and are solving the global water crisis for hundreds of thousands of people internationally. When it comes to guaranteeing the safety of those who have relied onSawyer to provide the most advanced solutions in the market, nothing less than 100% is good enough.

Accessories and forms of usage:

With high filtration capacity, the product can filter up to 360,000 liters (100,000 Gallons) of contaminated water, weighing just 30 grams, fits in the Palm of your handand comes with exclusive accessories (Squeeze Bottle, Syringe, Extension hose andcleaning instruction Manual) that come with the kit, is the ultimate solution and versatile for the treatment of water for both personal use and even for use in groups of people because it requires no pumping or pulling the water, since the operating system of the filter Mini Sawyer is by gravity, can engage the filter directly in squeeze or threaded direct normal Pet bottles, or even use the hose as hydration backpacks connection or as an extension to drink straight from the water source.

The filters are manufactured in various colors, you will find in the colours: black, blue, green, pink and orange as same as pictured below. The difference of color doesn’t change the quality of the product, were developed only for aesthetic reasons.

Mini Sawyer-complete kit


Mini Sawyer should not be used in salt water, it doesn’t work as a desalination unit.

Do not use chemically contaminated waters as the MARIANA and dam near landfills.

Can be used in your walks, field exits, emergency situations or preparations, any one is protected from acquiring gastrointestinal or intestinal infections by bacteria and protozoa, ensuring the health and integrity of any

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