SMS From Mac OS Sierra

After a few months of Beta testing, the Sierra update for Mac OS was released in its final form on Wednesday (21).Available in the form of a free download for all consumers who have a compatible machine, the novelty brings a number of exciting features – among them the long-awaited integration with the Siri voice assistant.

Weighing in at 4.77 GB , the upgrade can not be considered “grand” when we consider other changes Apple has made in the past.However, it fulfills the promise of the company to offer a better integration between its different lines of hardware.

Siri and improvements to the Notification Center

The main novelty of Sierra is the inclusion of Siri, a voice assistant that helps to check the current temperature, correct grammatical errors, create email messages and perform online searches, among other functions already familiar to owners of iPhones .On the desktop, the SMS can also be used to browse files and open applications.

The technology also involves changes to the Notification Center, which can now be used to pinpoint search results.The area can also be used to quickly access a shopping list, interesting topics from Twitter and any other topic you have accessed with Siri.

Universal Copy and Paste and integration with Apple Watch

With Sierra, Mac OS gains two new features in the Continuity system.From now on, you can copy texts to your iPhone and paste them on the desktop (and vice versa) and use Apple Watch to unlock your machine.As a result, smart-clock owners no longer need to enter their passwords to continue their work.

It is worth noting that in both cases, the news will only work if you have devices compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 technology.The company’s promise is for these features to go live without the need for any additional configuration – it’s only a good idea to use the same account on all your gadgets to make sure everything goes as expected.


If you usually save your files to the desktop or the Documents folder, you can now set up an automatic backup of them in the cloud using iCloud.To do this, simply go to System Preferences> iCloud and choose the option that triggers the new feature.

New Photo Features

Another new feature that Sierra “lends” to iOS 10 is the new photo features introduced by the mobile platform.This means that you now have solutions like the “Memories” tab, a photo map and an integrated facial recognition system, among other things – including the ability to search for specific objects in your gallery.

Disk optimization

One of Sierra’s key enhancements is the new Optimized Storage system, which allows you to use iCloud to decide which documents are to be kept on the hard disk (or SSD) and which are to be sent to the cloud.The solution is also capable of automatically deleting old or duplicate files as well as removing traces left by application installers.

Tabs and more tabs

Apple has decided to extend the use of tabs in Mac OS applications, ranging from Music (which is now a little easier to navigate) to the default text composer.The list of compatible applications is vast, including some made by third-party companies – just use the “Command + T”shortcut to take advantage of the feature.

Picture-in-Picture and other iOS features

Finally, Sierra borrows one of the iPad’s most interesting features: Picture-in-Picture.With it, you can “shrink” a video and place it in a corner of the screen, which allows you to continue watching it while focusing on another task – a function that should prove especially useful for those who work with monitors of considerable size.

Other minor improvements include the integration of Safari with the Apple Pay system and the possibility of using new emojis with animations and varied sizes through Messages. So far, criticisms of the new system published in the iTunes App Store have proven quite positive, a sign that the beta testing system implemented by Apple is having good consequences.

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