Shorts Style Hot Pants

Get in the mood with hot pants this summer

Inspired by the pin-ups of the 1950s, hot pants shorts have everything to be successful in summer 2011. Normally hot pants have belts at the navel or a finger below and are more dug in the legs, Model stretches the legs and values the silhouette.

As they are very short, hot pants can highlight some imperfections of the body, so overweight women should avoid this model.Already thin women with elongated legs can invest without fear.But it takes a lot of attitude to use the piece, since it draws a lot of attention and leaves the body well exposed.

How to use hot pants

Hot pants can be used as stylish beachwear and also on the streets.To compose a look with the hot pants you need to wear comfy blouses to avoid having a vulgar appearance and compensate the length of the piece.Since the piece can be considered a micro shorts, ask for a more comfy blouse, which is not very open and without generous necklines.

Invest in loose-fitting blouses, short sleeve or camisetas t-shirts, tank top overalls or cropped t-shirts.If the temperature drops, a good tip is to match it with a cardigan.

The combination with a very high heel leaves the look exaggerated, avoid.Clogs , sneakers, oxford, flat sandals, anabela, creeper and other models with moderate heels, fall well with hot pants.Opt for shoes in vibrant colors, which are the face of summer.

You can combine hot pants with accessories such as hat, long necklaces, wallet purse, scarves and belts.It is worth remembering that hot pants shorts are ideal for use in more informal environments.

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