Plus Size Fashion

There are several style tips for anyone who is overweight (too much or too little) and wants to wear well, even though we’re at a disadvantage by not having the same amount of options in stores, but there are those who follow and there are those who throw it all away and still get a result impressive, our example this week shows that very well!

Why Does It Work?

The prime directive to use this combination is to have confidence, because it is a look that breaks some rules and calls a lot of attention.The boy hit the override the navy t-shirt with a jacket to break the horizontal stripes, however the color of the piece is not the most suitable for those who are overweight, but you know what? Looks great and combined very well with the tone of his skin!

The pants could be darker and without washout to not thicken the legs, but from the moment he chose to play up volume no point trying to fine tune the legs, therefore, purposely or not, ended up hitting again. Only tennis could give way to a model not too bulky or even a shoe, but is still compatible with the style of the combo.

The XXL accessories are perfect, both the handkerchief as the stylish glasses play look at the chest and the face, preventing distractions with less privileged parts of the body. : )


Exchange the shoes for a casual shoe or a more urban model. Also worth adding a nice watch, can be a canvas strap model to keep the colorful costume vibe.

It Wouldn’t Be The Same If…

We replaced the blazer for a sober color, even though a lot of people find that color loud, he gave life to look.

In Short:

Opted for a blazer in strong color, it would be wrong if I hadn’t been so good!

Used a good trim pants, but very clear. Was to go wrong, but just balancing the visual;

Cut the horizontal effect of the lines of the shirt with the blazer and did a combination extremely cool;

Hit accessories and attention of the observer to the right place;

Could have more fancy shoes, but that’s forgivable in my opinion;

Maybe his pants stay better with the bar made and without bending to give an elongated in the leg.

Author’s Note

This is a fine example showing that when you are assertive and confident anyone can develop a cool style.

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