Pants Color On The Look For Work

I know the phobia of the color man triples when we insert color the parts that stay below the belt: shoes have to be black or Brown, neutral socks and pants or jeans are, or are color twill erased, but even in looks for work it is possible to insert a pair of color with very interesting results.

The secret is to keep everything very sober at the top, that is, dark tones in jackets or blazers, white shirts or, at most, with some stripe or plaid discreet, a tie in a conspicuous colour and ready, this made a balanced and modern combo that can be used at work or even for a social engagement, just leave the tie at home.

But Beware…

A very strong color may harm who have very thick legs, calling too much attention to them. Choose a play very fair is also a good, light colored pants tend to score more body than a dark jeans, for example lawschoolsinusa.

Note: it is never too much to warn that this kind of combination is only valid if the place where you work allows casual attire costumes.

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