Mac OS X Yosemite You Can Send and Receive SMS and Calls from Your IPhone

It seems that iOS 8 isn’t the only operating system that we’re going to pay attention on Engadget Mobile this afternoon. Mac OS X Yosemite, the new version of the Apple desktop system, includes several new features to improve what they call “continuity” between iOS and Mac in Cupertino. Thus, users who have an iPhone, as well as a Mac can manage your SMS and call on the computer no need to configure anything, as happened so far with iMessage and Facetime. He also extended to the iPad.

In the demo we saw how Yosemite can continue a SMS or MMS that we had left half on the phone, as well as answer incoming calls or call any contact of the agenda even when the mobile phone is far. The integration is transparent to the user, the Mac is automatically synchronized with the iPhone.

More continuity: Handoff and Airdrop

The other big news from Apple OS X Yosemite to engage us in its ecosystem of devices Handoff, allowing to follow on the Mac with an activity that we were doing on iPhone, or vice versa is called. For example, opens with a simple gesture a Pages document in which we were working from the iPhone.

On the other hand, Airdrop – the usefulness of Apple to transfer files between a Macs or iPhone – now you can send files between Macs and iOS devices.

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