iPhone 6s RAM Doubled To 2 GB

Finally, more memory at Apple. The at least is from an article on 9To5Mac.com. So the developer software Xcode has exposed the working memory of iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Apple had hitherto remained silent about this. According to Xcode protocol, the iPhone 6s RAM has grown to 2 gigabytes.

Hamza Sood Confirms 2 GB RAM On Iphone 6s And 6s Plus

The software developer Hamza Sood has the help of Apple’s developer tool Xcode the size of the working memory of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus can determine. Xcode is essential for the app development as it simulates different devices and thus the apps can be optimized. This is mainly due to the display size, but it can also provide information about other technical data, as Soods Tweets show:

Iphone: Memory Neglected

While other smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung or HTC are making regular RAM races, Apple has repeatedly neglected the memory. Although it has grown for several generations, last but in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus again only 1 gigabyte of RAM have been installed. This has not prevented a good performance of the smartphones. However, the values are somewhat pale and outdated. At least in direct comparison with other manufacturers, which now equip their phones with 3 or 4 gigabytes of memory.

How Much RAM Smartphones Need

The question is not easy to answer. We firstly note that the RAM (Random Access Memory) is a volatile memory that loads data accessed by the processor. As far as the simplified theory. For smartphones, this means that apps, personal content and open files are stored in memory as long as they are used and the phone is switched on. Particularly during multitasking, a lot of data accumulate in the RAM.If the memory is full, the performance will suffer, the system may no longer work or only slowly.Since iOS is very well adapted to the Apple hardware, it would at least theoretically have been conceived that Apple in the iPhone 6s RAM as its predecessor. That twice as much memory is available is therefore also doubly pleasing.

A9 Chip: Better Performance With More RAM

After all, the new A9 chip in the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus is significantly stronger than its predecessor.However, Apple is here again covered, as regards the clock frequency and other technical details.While the memory is 2 gigabytes larger, the battery is smaller in the iPhone 6s. It remains to be seen how the new generation of smartphones from Apple in benchmarks beats.

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