HTC One M9: Update For Battery And Camera

The HTC One M9 is a powerful smartphone, no question. Nevertheless, since the release, fans have complained about problems: Autofokus slow, battery too fast empty, mobile phone heats up too much on charging. HTC has now responded to these requests and released a software update.

How The Update Improves The HTC One M9

Camera Dynamics

The update recalculates the camera’s Automatic exposure. This means, among other things, that the autofocus, which was previously partly faulty, reacts much faster. The image quality of the HTC One M9 is already convincing on Localcollegeexplorer. Now you can look forward to more speed while focusing.

Battery Life

The dear battery life is always a problem. The One M9 is no exception. Fast processor, bright display, multitasking with sophisticated apps – and then you have to make a phone call. Because the battery is fast empty and the search for an outlet goes off. HTC has the One M9 already powerful equipped-after all, with a handsome 2.840-mAh battery. But he is supposed to last longer. For this purpose, the developers have adapted the power consumption of frequently used apps.


At the same time, HTC has optimized the charging process so that the One M9 does not get so hot.How this improvement looks in practice remains to be seen – especially in the summer when it is hot and the battery is not in any case optimal ambient temperatures.

Update 1.40 regardless of Android version

The good news: The update for the HTC One M9 comes regardless of the Android version you use.How up-to-date your lollipop is, therefore, does not matter. The bad news: Owners of a free device still have to be patient, as HTC announced on Twitter:

We recommend you install the update and test the performance of your One. Do not forget that high temperatures influence the battery life. Therefore, at this point again our blog reading tip: 9 tips for a better battery time under Android-so your phone does not run out of breath.

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