How to Install a Radar List on Your GPS

Many people are currently using GPS. They are very useful for route indication, speed marking and even for announcing radars. Below you will find useful information on how to install radars on your GPS.

NAVIGON Mobile Navigator 5 (MN | 5)

  1. Download the file with the POIs that you want to install.
  2. Unzip the files (ZIP or RAR) into a folder on your PC’s HDD (Hard Disk).
  3. In this step it is necessary to synchronize the PDA with the computer.
  4. Now you need to copy the contents of the HDD folder (where the unzipped files are) to the “ ppcpois” folder of the PDA.
  5. Replace as necessary.
  6. Now configure MN | 5 and POI-Warner, or other Software.

ROUTE 66 Navigate 7

  1. Download the file with the POIs that you want to install.
  2. In this step unzip the files (ZIP or RAR) into a folder on your HDD (Hard Disk) of your PC.
  3. Synchronize your PDA with your PC.
  4. Copy the contents of the HDD folder (where the unzipped files are) to the “Storage Card/Pois/Iberia” folder on the PDA.
  5. Now you need to replace the ones you need.
  6. In this last step you need to configure the PDI’s in the Route 66 Navigate software

No PPC (Pocket PC):

Start NDrive and go to Search> Favorite:
On the screen where it is appearing, select the category and activate/set the sound warning distance:

The signage on the map is indicated as below:
GARMIN NUVI/310/360/…

To be able to send the POIs to a Garmin you need the POI LOADER, which you can purchase for free from the The POI files can be converted to the “Garmin Comma Separated (* .csv)” format using POIEDIT.

Be very careful because the POI Loader deletes the POIs that have been accumulated in your previous trips, so it is necessary to write the new POIs in the file “poi.gpi”, erasing the previous one with the same name. This file is usually on the memory card in the Garminpoi folder:
* Garminpoipoi.gpi

So that you do not lose your previous Points of Interest, before using the POI Loader, rename the file, for example, “poi1.gpi”:

Here’s how you can add POIs to your GARMIN.In the following steps the file of the Radar of the PPC that has already been converted is being used:

  • First load the POI Loader
  • After installing the POI Loader on your PC.
  • Now go to the topic “PDI’S – RADARS AND CONTROL” and download the radar file “PT_RADARES 4.x garmin.rar”
  • Unzip the file with the POIs to a folder on the PC.You will get several “* .csv” and “*.bmp” files.
  • Now start the POI Loader program: on the PC go to Start> Programs> Garmin> POI Loader
  • Click the Next button.Start detection of the GARMIN device – if it is connected to the PC make the choice in the list, or click the Locate Device button.You can also install the POIs by placing the Memory Card in a card reader.
    Now, right after you locate the card, or your GARMIN device, click Next …This is the time to locate the POIs folder (1), in units choose “Meters and Km/h” (2), select the “Manual” mode (3), and click the Next button (4).

    At this point it is necessary to make the settings for each category (* .csv) and append to your database. If the name of the category already shows the speed, eg PT_FIXO 120.csv, the POI Loader automatically activates the speed alert of 120 Km/h, so the driver will be warned if he exceeds the speed, within a distance of “10 X speed in km/h “meters, that is, if the radar is 120 km/h, and the driver is at a higher speed, he is warned at 1000 meters. Remember that you can change the footage to be warned about the radar.

    To finish, click Finish.

    If you have done the operation directly for your device, your new POIs are already installed. Therefore, if you have inserted the Memory Card into a PC card reader, it is necessary to place the memory card in your device.

    We do not have the maps and radar files updated here in this tutorial for the reason that they frequently update what would make this information outdated and some updates require payment. In this you learn how to update the GPS.

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