How To Decorate Your House With Little Money

Now spring a time that we started to have more eager to come out to stroll and do things in family already of the days that are stretched. Po r that you propose this idea of decoration made with natural and recycled products. So just search the sea or river stones.

To get down to work. See these tips to enjoy your House with things made for you!

In this tutorial we will see how to decorate your House with little money. Following these decoration tips you will do a fantastic picture with stones, we will mark the footprints of the feet of your family to make it feel more attached. do you feel to do so? It then follows the video until the end so you don’t miss any detail.

Materials used:

Wood (white)
Acrylic paint (bronze)
MOSS or seaweed from the Sea (artificial)
Silicone gun
Fine brush

1. we will begin making some holes to pass the rope and hang it on the wall with stickers.
2. then paint the table by the front of white giving it an aged effect.
3. once painted and dry, place our rope holes entering on the one hand and pulling it out by the other, arriving at the end we will make a knot and glue our rope at the rear with silicone.
4. then glue with silicone sticks of wood on all 4 sides of the table giving a relief effect.
5. to follow we will paste stones inside so that they are in the shape of feet, first place large stones that form of sole and then we will be placing small to make fingers.
6. now glue several shells of sea in 2 of the corners and also paste you several pieces of rope type just sack on the side
7. in this next glue several pieces of MOSS or boil decorative to give a more natural touch.
8. to finish the words dad, MOM and I paint under each foot.
The order does not affect the project, you can go to do so with the order that best goes you.

Video with step by step:

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