Hippie Bracelets: Cheerful and Stylish Fashion

The hippie bracelets are those colored bracelets that we see often in craft fairs. These types of bracelets are super detached and are always in fashion. Are seen mainly on the beach, but are also used on a daily basis.

The Glamour of the Silver jewelry

Formerly the hippie bracelets were sold one by one and how they are used in piles in my arm (after all, one isn’t funny), that tie and untie one by one would take a long time. Today can be found several of them joined by a clasp, which facilitates more.

Step back in time with the psychedelic trend!

The coolest of these bracelets is that they don’t have to be combined with each other. Can be used a number of them and in different styles, giving a super air fashion.

Destroyed Jeans: torn pants trend

Combine the bracelets hippies with color swatches (cool) or more sophisticated is super high and is very beautiful.

Round glasses: If you play on trend

Nothing prevents you to combine the bracelets hippies with bracelets of other styles.

Contact lenses: clarify your doubts

You can customize your bracelets too, with Rhinestone, pendants, for example, making them a hippie chic.

Maxi earrings, continue with all this summer!

Tutorial to make hippie bracelets

The hippie bracelets are beautiful, simple and easy to access. It is more practical to buy them ready, of course, but for those who like to create your own style by using your creativity, below’s a tutorial on how to make a hippie jewelry, using very simple materials.

You will need:three strips of fabric, the thickness you prefer. Duct tape, a chain of your preference and elastiquinhos.

  • Cut 3 strips of fabric; The size can be the wrist or a little higher, if you prefer that the strips around the wrist.
  • Sew the chain at both ends of one of the cops.
  • Take the three strips and secure them at the edges with a thin elastic, so that on a piece of cloth after the elastic.
  • Glue the ends of the strips on the table with a piece of adhesive tape, so that you have support to braid the strips of cloth.
  • Go on braiding the strips so that the chain always appears, to give that glow differently in the bracelet. Trance until almost the end and reattach with an elastic thin, let the ends without braiding.
  • Is ready, now you just put it on your wrist and attach your tips, securing them with another elastiquinho.

Use the creativity:You can use in place of the mesh strips, ribbons, embroidery lines (which are thick) can also put in place of the current, a mesh of different color, or after pasting braided rhinestones or any other accessory that pleases you and even those chains which are used to make handbags strap. Anyway, there are 1001 possibilities to make bracelets hippies. Enjoy!!!

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