Get to Know Bathroom LED Bulbs!

When thinking about the lighting project of the house, every room should be extremely important.And the time to choose your LED bathroom lamps should be no different.

So in today’s post we will help you understand how to plan your new LED installations for this space dedicated to aesthetics and personal hygiene.From day-to-day practicality to the best long-term investment, you’ll learn how to make the best possible choices.Write down the tips!

Understand your everyday needs

Even if you have already done several referral searches on the internet, the most important thing is to think about the specific particulars of your project .Who will enjoy the bathrooms of the house and how is the family routine?These are essential points for you to start thinking about the bulbs you are going to buy.

What good would it be to build a magazine-worthy bathroom if it is not functional for you on a day-to-day basis?

For example, a countertop with a huge mirror, perfect make-up or beard, but does not have adequate lighting.Or that dream bath that’s perfect for relaxation, but in practice it does not have warm lights for a quiet moment.

Understand the Advantages of LED Bathroom Lamps

It is already proven that LED is the technology of the future – indeed, the present, because those who know its benefits do not give up that investment.

In fact, the advantages are the same for all the environments of the house:

  • Energy savings and, consequently, a cheaper light bill at the end of the month;
  • No heat emission, which prevents unpleasant heating in the light bulbs;
  • 90% of the energy used is transformed into light, while other technologies use only 20%;
  • Virtually no maintenance, since LED lamps can last for more than 10 years.

Enjoy the variety to find the ideal LED

Besides the practical advantages, the variety of options to find the ideal LED is another facilitator for your work.

When thinking about your design, first visualize a general illumination , usually focused on white light to give a sense of cleanliness.You can opt for a Tubular LED bulb, a built-in LED Ceiling Lamp or several bulb shaped bulb spots.

Then, when thinking about LED dichroic spots of mirrors and cabinets, for example, look at the best options.For points placed in the mirror, where people shave or make up, it is important to be aware of the IRC of the equipment – IRC is the Heat Reproduction Index.

Models with IRC of 80 to 100 are the most suitable for bathrooms, since they reproduce a light closer to natural.So when doing a makeup the final result will be more faithful to the light of day.

Also note the color temperature of the lamp, which is measured in Kelvin degrees.The smaller the Kelvin, the brighter the lighting.The larger the Kelvin, the more focused on the bluish-white will be the light.

General bathroom bulbs can be cool, ranging from 6,000 to 6,500 K. If you want a more cozy spot, such as in the bath area, invest in yellow LED spots, around 4000 K, which will provide warmer and cozy.

Did you like our tips on LED bathroom lamps?If you still have any questions or would like a personalized service, leave a comment here in the post!

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