Get Out of the Corset

Corsets made of leather, skirts like prostheses: Marina Hoermanseder is known for Orthopaedics-mode. She get while in the Museum, money does not deserve but. For this reason makes the 29 year-old now also gray sweaters. And accessories for the sex shop.

“Now there is no turning back,” says Marina Hoermanseder, and stroking the tattoo on her left forearm. There is your company logo for a few weeks: “mh”. It now no longer just matter somehow to survive the next Fashion Week , says the Wienerin. It’s about establishing their brand and finally making money. “Running the machinery.”

She went in November of 2013 Honda Hall had finished just graduated at the Berlin fashion school ESMOD in operation, and her final collection was so well that she was allowed to show the designs during the Berlin fashion week.

Were not a little everyday use, it all the more striking: Hall medical equipment, orthopaedic corsets and corsets were used as inspiration. Lots of leather and metal, a mixture of horrors and fetish. In short, Something that it had not yet seen in the Berlin fashion tent.

The big names have helped build their labels. First there is Alexander Mc Queen: Hall completed a four-month internship in the legendary fashion house. Even more important, however, is the name of Lady Gaga. There is no report about Hannah, which is not mentioned, that an order by the stylists of the world-famous singer entered with her.

There is indeed no single photo of Lady Gaga in the outfits of Hannah. But the story “World star ordered from up-and-coming Designer in Berlin” was too good not to tell them. “A mad push”, so called Hannah.

Attention Pay No Rent

Hall had the attention. Life they could not of it. For example a design from her first collection is at New York’s Museum of the fashion Institute of technology. This is good for the image. But the dress had to give the Museum Hall. Harder, she is now working on the balance between art and commerce.

“I studied economics, of course, I want to write black numbers,” says Hall. But still it is not so far. The economic studies in Vienna and in Hawaii goes back to a deal with her father: first she should do “what reasonable”, then she could concentrate on the fashion.

Hannah has cobbled together the 17 looks of her first collection after studying in her Berlin apartment with help from friends. There are 25 looks in the current collection, Hannah has completed it with 16 employees in her Studio in Berlin-Mitte. The designer duo eight country, before moving in the summer of 2014, after London worked in same rooms.

It Threatens the Arbitrariness

Hannah is now no longer just the corset designer. She has worked with Nike with a vodka maker, designing uniforms for employees of the airline Austrian Airlines and was recently in a video of the German You Tube to see their stars daaruum.

Also, their collections have changed. With a specific goal: “People should not just look at Allpubliclibraries, but also want to attract”, says the designer. She want to prove that she can not only art, but also fashion. Therefore, there are now more and more portable models in addition to the flashy show pieces. Gray Jersey sweaters, for example, or silk blouses.

Does she don’t worry, to be arbitrary at all the collaborations? Or boring?

No, says Hall. Even with sweaters and blouses, she takes care to accommodate their trademark: the leather buckle and your logo. “Zara also sells beautiful blouses”, she says. “So I must give a reason the people to spend more money for a Hall blouse.”

Now she know that Ubiquity may – harm and afford the luxury to say no. If magazine or celebrities rent their outfits want (usually for free) they must now go through a PR Agency. And there much will be rejected.

It must be hard to get a part of the Hall,” she says. She want to equip every celebrity, “we take only the top-top people”. Recently the musician of FKA twigs at US-talker Jimmy Fallon wore a design by Hannah, that’s all right. When Conchita sausage the designer briefly changed but the range that brings them, – convinced.

Is there someone, she would particularly like to dress up? Hall briefly contemplated, then she calls two women: Michelle Obama and Duchess Kate. And for the same reason. “What they wear, is sold out all over the world,” she says.”This is a measurable value for success.”

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