Cosmetics From The Kitchen

Scents are mood makers – we all know that. The right flavour brings holiday freshness in the Office, can be our bedroom smell like a MAC Lavender field, or awakens the skin and senses. An Egyptian proverb puts it for me in a nutshell: “a day without fragrance experiences is a lost day”.

And because I find that pleasant aroma can sweeten a stressful everyday life, I mix my fragrance experience me, when I have time, yourself. Here are my favorite recipes to make up.

Good Mood Room Spray

No matter whether lunch low, bad mood, or eating odor-spray scent of freshness in the air, sensitive nose breathe makes and frögradually.

Preparation: A heaping teaspoon dissolve baking soda in 150 ml boiled water until clear is. 50 ml of vodka to the water and everything in a spray bottle fill. 7 drops of essential grapefruit, orange or lemon oil to and shake. The trick: baking soda neutralizes GERüche, grapefruit or lemonÖül take care fr the summer sun kick.

Fresh-W AE C Fragrance F UE R The Closet

Sandalwood has a very warm, balsamic, long-lasting scent and has a calming – ideal, to expel the musty smell of old cabinets.

Preparation: 30 g sandalwood chips (can you ordered online, such as at, 30 g cost approx. €8) with a few drops of sandalwood essential drizzle and fill in a chiffon bag. Put in the closet. If the effect of the scent diminishes, chips helps shake and rub against each other.

Hi Wake Body Lotion Awakens Sleepy

Not only the skin dandy is better than any alarm clock – with this care lotion. Orange, grapefruit and lemon grass aroma revive and maintain.

Preparation: 7 grams of coconut fat, 45 g of jojoba oil and 5 g bees wax in a water bath can give and melt. And 75 ml of orange flower water and 5 ml cosmetic base water (there are both in pharmacies) mix, so that the lotion is beautiful creamy. Then 20 ml of 80% alcohol and 2 drops of essential Orange, grapefruit and lemon grass oil under mix. Fill a pot or a dark glass bottle.

Anti Stress Bath S AE Post

When I’m tired and stressed out, I swear on a bath with this mix. The effect: Lavender oil soothes skin and soul, lactic acid helps the skin retain moisture. Salt relieves irritation and makes it pleasantly tired.

Preparation:8 tablespoons coarse sea salt into a bowl. 15 drops pour Additionally, lavender essential oil, and mix well. Then 8 tablespoons milk powder and 3 tablespoons dried Lavender flowers, stir. The mix in a screw cap glass fill and two weeks leave. Then distribute the mixture on 3 small tote bag, tie with a strap to bag up and put in a lockable box. The nose effect lasts approximately half a year.

F UE R S Ueß E Tr AE Ume: Sweet-Dreams Potpourri

Instead of counting sheep, I put on the calming effect this room fragrance. I imagine that a small bowl with the mix on the bedside table.

Preparation: (For 4 cups dried rose petals with an intense scent (E.g. Rosa Centifolia L, 100 g, approximately €6, and 3 TSP violet powder serves the fragrance-fixing, as Rhizoma Iridis in the pharmacy there) in a jar with lid give. Rose essential oil in type mixing, then 4 drops. Give a few splashes of cognac about to keep the flowers moist and sprinkle some salt for fixing it. Close the jar and leave a couple of weeks. Every few days to shake again. Sprinkle on a plate and put in the bedroom.

Now I wish all of us as many gift moments and you have fun trying it out! And remember: If is a fragrance, the we mögen verflüimpeded, hinterläleaves it in our souls the essence of Schöbeauty (that comes not from me, but from the writer Jean Paul 🙂

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