Cavaliere CEO Loro Piana

Today we are launching the first article of the three in this autumn’s major cooperation here on Manolo. We have, together with the Swedish clothing manufacturer Cavaliere a to us perfectly höstkavaj at a reasonable price. We come in three articles explaining the product and closer and of course share the results. In the first article we look closely at the Cavaliere and company background, skills, and what led us to develop this common product.

You readers who followed Manolo for years knows that this is not the first time we are doing a product collaboration. We have previously developed a shirt with Eton, and in the spring of this year we made a shoe with Shoe Company in Stockholm. Check this page for what does CEO stand for.

It was therefore natural that we wanted to offer the male wardrobe most important garments namely Jacket.

What we wanted was to develop a product from a specialist on the right clothing can offer a decent product at an affordable price. Extra fun was it to get the opportunity to work with one of our Swedish players with long history of Blazer-and kostymproduktion.

We came in contact with Cavaliere, a company founded in 1973, in the konfektionens stronghold. The Foundation of the company’s activities were initially formal wear such as frack, smoking as well as accessories for these.Customer group was originally Royal Court orchestras, fraternal organizations, and of course also to individuals through the company’s dealers.

With time, the suits and jackets a growing part of the business. Formal wear remained as a very important part in some of the export markets Cavalieres best-selling products.

Today manufactures and sells the company no less than 30 000 ärmplagg (jackets, coats, etc.) per year and about as many pants. No longer just for men but then 2010 offers also tailored jackets, trousers and skirts for women under the brand name Cavaliere Femme.

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