Best Built in Kitchen Appliances

If you have decided to renovate your kitchen, you can install built-in appliances. Whether it’s a dishwasher, Electric Hob or a hood, it’s quite possible. Here are some techniques that will help you to install them yourself, without relying on professionals.

Built-in dishwasher
It all starts by preparing the location of the dishwasher. Generally, it is placed under a plan of work, near a sink and of course, near an electrical outlet. Never use extensions. Then proceed through the connection with water. It is best to use a tap auto-foreur to create a water supply when you screw. This will automatically break through the hose. Then continue by connecting the discharge pipe of the dishwasher with the drain of the sink water. And, there’s more to turn the machine on.

Embed a hood
As with any appliance, always prepare its location. On the wall, make the traces the location planned for the hood. Make a few holes using a drill. Fasteners should be strong to withstand the weight of the hood. Then install a base to move the decision-making unit. It will protect the cable from moisture and heat. Electric mounting of the hood must be quite tight to avoid any short circuit. Be sure to place a flammable pipe aluminum inside the evacuation before permanently installing the hood.

Recessed cooktop
Start by placing the plate on the work plan by drawing directly on its contours. Still allow a margin of a few millimeters. In case the control buttons of the plate are independent, are also planning their locations, nearby. You can then cut the work plan following the path.Now, proceed through the installation of the cooktop with the fasteners provided with.Finally, go to the electricity or gas, according to the energy you use.

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