Apple Also Will Be Encouraged with Bigger and Curved Screens for Your IPhone According to Bloomberg

Seeing phones like the LG G Flex or the Samsung Galaxy Round yesterday precisely we asked if the curved screens they are a step forward or a simple fashion. Well, it seems that these two brands may not be unique in having a terminal that uses this technology in the short term and that, according to Bloomberg, soon we could see how Apple gets into the car.

Specifically, Bloomberg cites a trusted source which says that Apple will launch the year coming two new iPhone models with larger screens (4.7 and 5.5 inches) that also are curved at the ends. For now, that Yes, both versions of the new iPhone are developing so we could see significant changes with respect to phones that end up presenting.

In addition, the journal ensures that Apple is working on pressure sensors on the touch screen to be able to distinguish whether it is pressing the display with more or less force, but in this case your source does not dare to say that they will be ready for the next model. Moreover, they claim that we probably have to wait for new phones beyond the coming year.

The possible iPhone’s larger screens is not the first time that they come to light, which means that Apple is probably doing tests with these sizes. But another thing is that they end up going out to the market. In terms of the curved screen make that reference, it seems somewhat more level design than anything else without being a real flexible display. In any case, between now and the coming year There is still long ahead and this is just one of the hundreds of rumors that Iran reaching us from the new iPhone.

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