Advice on Buying Jewellery

Do you know the “super power” of the jewel? This little accessory can help you to refine (or sublimate) the image you want to give to others. Bracelets, necklaces and other “treasures” reveal our personality and are part of the famous “first impression” so crucial … Carla, image coach, shares some pro tips to accessorize your outfit without false notes …

Jewelry according to your morphology

If you’re petite, your jewelry will be discreet and purposes not to be too conspicuous.

If you have generous curves, you can allow you massive jewelry that perfectly adapt to your morpho and may even distract imperfections  that you would like to hide. Well-flat models that lie on the skin , the beads or pendants are also to take over the curves too present to your liking.

If you have broad, square shoulders, long necklaces will bring you an impression of lightness and a vertical button.

And the shape of the face?

The collar draws attention to your neck and your chest.The right length, shape and size can help lengthen your neck to refine your face and highlight your bust.

With a round face, avoids all that is awesome and that adds volume on the tip of your ear. You privilégieras small beads or rhinestones or even diamonds (if you’re lucky). Idem, the round earrings could strengthen the full shape of your face . The necklaces V neckline will flatter your round face and / or if you have a little neck.

If your face is square or rectangular, or you have a long neck, favors more rounded collars (eg ras collar neck). The Creoles are made to your face.

The diamond or oval faces are the lucky ones: they all will. Caution still the fir effect if wearing jewelry towering over all parts of the body. Favors larger patterns at the base, which will offset the face shape.

Bonus: the dangling earrings can lengthen your neck and your face, just at the jaws.Too long, they will have the opposite effect.

To each his own style, color, material …

To qualify a pace too strict or severe, one can opt for a mix of wide bracelets. Question color and material, the focus is on mixtures: the christening bracelet in gold, alongside the link in cotton or a Brazilian bracelet. Guaranteed effect!

Base yourself on the color of your complexionto make a decision.

If you have a warm skin tone (skin matte or who tan easily, brown eyes, dark or golden green), the yellow gold jewelry and / or copper are perfect.

If you have a cold complexion (light skin, blue or gray eyes), it is better to opt for white gold or silver jewelry.

Regarding the color of the stones, grant the just the color of your eyes. You can also give the color of your clothes. You also can influence you on trend color with the seasons: for example this  autumn, one is tempted by colors such as burgundy, khaki green or English.

My jewelry

Now that these few basic rules are set, you still have to find original jewelry and “sublimers”. But be careful not to choose any color that could disadvantage you.Nothing better to avoid a mistake to make a colorimetric test in a professional.

My “darlings” jewelry “Stella & Dot”

Stella & Dot offers fantastic jewelry for all styles: they are flexible to suit your moods.One can make 7 models with a jewel. Sounds great, right?

The French elegance: MELEMOI

They are colorful and elegant jewelry. They are created based strings (no, not “jump rope” !!). The young designer of the brand, Melanie, weaves with small pearls. The result, very original, really can “choose” the color of the gem.

It will feature feather earrings, bracelets and even headbands jewelry, just to make you dream.

The timeless DIY (do it yourself) in TUTI FANI

Finally, if you feel the soul of a creative. Nothing is easier and more fun than make your own jewelery. The inspiration for your jewelry creations can come from anywhere: a jewel that you saw on a friend, a landscape with beautiful colors or the style of your favorite celebrity. In short, everything can become a source of inspiration.

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