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HTC One A9, Good Credentials to Try to Complete The Search of The Best Selling Taiwanese

2015 East is still a year of contrasts in the Smartphone market, and is that while the middle range press the fight with many devices already in the red line that separates them from the best, the truth is that the most noble range of this year has forgotten the career of hardware and new ideas to engage in the fight of the appearance and the materials.

This era a friendly battle for HTC, that was already playing in the Smartphone design division, Although the Taiwanese have failed in recent years to take advantage of its advantage with the grand design of the HTC One range. Continue reading

Nexus 5 X, The Shadow of The 5 Nexus Is Too Long for LG

Radoslav Nesterović “Rasho” I had everything to be a great pivot in the NBA. It could have been dominant, but passing through the best League in the World Basketball helped him to move from one team to another, win a ring with San Antonio rebound and return to Europe support to pursued him always: Horchata Nesterović. It was good, very good, but it never showed all their potential.

Be good in yours and have a cold character is not something exclusive elite athletes, moreover, this condition transcends the human to reach devices and the Nexus 5 X has earned that dubious distinction. Today we had a chance to try him in Madrid and although it is true that we can not put any significant hits to any of your specifications, we went the event organised today by Google and LG with very cold hands. Continue reading

Nexus 5 X, or How Google Tries to Swim between The Waters of The Mid-Range and High

The day has come and after having shot almost the entire summer talking about rumors and leaks, the new Nexus 5 X has finally become a reality. With Google has not only returned to five inches, but it has done so trying to recover old philosophy make a mobile powerful but with good price that gave him such a success in the past.

And say you tried it because We cannot say that it has succeeded. Many expected us to the Nexus 5 X return to be a good high end as the Nexus 4 or 5, but Google had other plans for him, and those who want to buy it will have to settle for a good range mean too high priced for what it offers. Continue reading

The HTC One M9 + Turns to Be The 3 Butterfly for The Rest of The World

When HTC introduced the One M9 + did so with an objective clear: removed the thorn to One M9 and launch a terminal that truly was competitive in the high-end. At first glance it seemed a most interesting terminal, effectively, but there was a problem: was exclusive to the Japanese market.

The Taiwanese company, which remember is not at its best, has announced that the HTC One M9 + will reach the rest of the world under the name Butterfly 3. Something more that a mere change of name as this model comes with an extra who was not the model that came out a few months ago: includes optical OIS image stabilization in the camera back. Continue reading

Nexus 6 P, Huawei’s Entrance as a Google Phone

We have a new family of Nexus devices. Become the new mobile Nexus 5 X 5.2 inches and the new phablet of Nexus 6 p 5.7 inch Google to cover most needs of consumers.

With the Nexus 5 X Google returns for the third time to ally themselves with LG to manufacture your mobile, but instead for its new phablet has not come back to request the services of Motorola. For the renewal of the Nexus 6 they have allied themselves with the Chinese manufacturer Huawei. Continue reading

Nexus 5 X, Its Full Specifications Leaked

We don’t have to wait for the morning event to meet technical specifications the new Nexus 5 X. Just filter the network a document that includes the technical specifications the new 5.2-inch Google Nexus.

Few surprises, we find, as were very few features to confirm new Nexus 5 X. In recent days the drip of leaks has been constant. That Yes, it is finally confirmed that the new Nexus 5 X will have 2 GB RAM. There will be no version with 3GB of RAM. Continue reading

Nexus 5 X and Nexus 6 P Not You’Ll Have Load Wireless Ni Stabilizer Optical Image

Bad news about the new Nexus 5 X y Nexus 6 p. According to Android Police the new Nexus trusted sources have been left by the way the Wireless charging and the optical stabilizer in their cameras, news that will fall to many potential buyers as a pitcher of cold water.

The load wireless Qi It is one of the features that many users took for fact in the new mobile Google, since we never hope to remove features that many users of the Nexus already consider Basic. It premiered at the Nexus 4 (2012) and continued in the Nexus 7 (2013), Nexus 5 (2013) and Nexus 6 (2014). Only Nexus 9 (2014) was left by the way Wireless charging because at the time it was not compatible with metal housings. Continue reading

Nexus 5 X from 379,99 Dollars and Nexus 6 P Starting at $499.99 According to Leaks

It seems that we don’t have to wait until morning to learn about the new 5 X and Nexus Nexus 6 p. The guys at Android Police have just published exclusive prices starting of new devices from Google.

The price of the Nexus 5 X would begin from the 379,99 dollars Google store. It would be in its 16 GB version. As reference, say that Nexus 5 (2013) 16 GB was priced at launch 349,99 $ + $ 9.99 for shipping and handling, so the new Nexus 5 X only will be $10 more expensive if we take into account that now Google Store does not charge shipping costs. Continue reading

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact: The Unique High End of 2015 That You Can Take with One Hand

Think of range high on Android is synonymous with today’s mobile large. Five inches or more Smartphones that have the same problem: they are difficult to use with one hand. This scenario has led to that Sony are able take advantage of the situation and bring to the market a small Superstar that stands out in the meantime giant. He has succeeded, but every year is more single in that singular niche: powerful phones but below the five-inch.

The Xperia Z Compact It was the first mobile who understood perfectly that a small version of a top meant to reduce its dimensions but not lower specs. He did so well in its first edition, improved in the second and now in its third generation (though the name indicates to be the fifth) reinforces its commitment to be that kind of player with so much talent. Small, but skilled in a category which has been only. Continue reading

With You The Nexus 6 P, So It Looks in The First Render Officer Who Leaked

You need less than a week for the 29th day, which is when Google has invited the press to present their new devices. And mean that we are so close to the D-day? As that rumors and leaks begin to step on the accelerator, and that this step Google is going to be no surprises that reveal.

This morning has been particularly intense, since I teach first official cases confirming the names of the new Nexus and a few hours ago Android Police has shown us one of the best images of the Nexus 6 p that I have seen to date. No, it is not any kind of stolen photo but that seems to be one of their official renderings. Continue reading

Mistreat All Large Manufacturers to Lower Ranges? Engadget Android Questions

Last Saturday I had how Samsung had confirmed nor his Galaxy Ace 3 nor the Mini S4 finally receive their ration Android Lollipop, and immediately in the answers started to talk about how much maltreating Samsung to its lower ranges. That is why today I want to ask If you think that this is a widespread, or if abused all the major manufacturers to lower ranges or only some of them.

Mistreat all large manufacturers to lower ranges? Continue reading

Siswoo C50 Longbow, Analysis

In the Android catalog there are increasingly more different devices, especially in the most basic and inexpensive market ranges, where it will move Siswoo C50 Longbow today we discussed thoroughly Engadget Android.

It is true that here are emphasizing consumer electronics giants, although with the unstoppable rise of the smartphone market, there have been many brands that have been trying to or they are trying to divide up a small slice of the pie, releasing devices that they try to convince with a strategy of more aggressive prices. Continue reading

New Honor 7i with Slide-Out Camera, Will Be Presented on August 20

Huawei may accumulate presentations. The Chinese company’s portfolio continues to grow and many blame for this “Honor” subdivision has it. This range of smartphones manufactured by Huawei and marketed in Europe as an independent brand, He is giving much to talk about, having put on the market a few very interesting devices (see Honor 6, Honor 6 Plus, Honor 3 c). All this without counting the plans of Huawei have just known for their Mate range and we will see next month of September at the IFA in Berlin. Continue reading

Huawei Has Prepared a New New Matte Ascend to IFA… in Mini Size

Huawei present innovations in IFA although at the moment that we don’t know with certainty. The most obvious would be to wait for a new Ascend Mate to have a phablet that compete to the next Galaxy Note and step complete the high end with the P8 and P8 Lite. However, the latest leaks tell us about a completely different approach: a 4.7 inch mobile.

With the name of Huawei Ascend Mate Mini He has released a terminal with the same design and finish Ascend mate last year but with a size, as its name suggests, more reduced. In this way, would compete with devices such as the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact (and future Z5) as well as the iPhone itself. See more in-depth filtering because there is more data on the table. Continue reading

These Are The Motorola Smartphones That Will Be Updated to Patch Stagefright

The failure of Stagefright He is serving so the Android manufacturer espabilen with their security updates. Increasingly more people joined and although we would have liked that they had been more proactive than reactionary, they’re at least getting solutions to the problem. Nexus, LG, Samsung, Alcatel… The list is becoming longer and now joins Motorola.

In an official statement, Motorola has published the list of terminals that will receive a security fix to avoid Stagefright to compromise the security of our mobile. The good news is that very few remain outside, only those who already have a few years. Continue reading

ASUS Does Not Want to Stay without Battery and Puts Your New Zenfone Max 5000 MAh

ASUS was that I was going to have news for this IFA but it seems that the Taiwanese have been unwilling to wait for the Berlin trade fair to present new products. Without making much noise, they added a new smartphone to the Zenfone family with a purpose that we have already seen on other occasions: that the battery lasts us a lot.

We say a lot because the 5000 mAh Zenfone Max has sufficient arguments to look at it. The manufacturer promises two days of use or something else if we are not going to use especially intense device. A good argument to purchase for a mobile that does not come out so well in the rest of the specifications. Continue reading

New LG Nexus Will Arrive in October and with Android Pay, According to Korean Analysts

There is a question that is beginning to resonate in the Android world: When will the next Nexus arrive? We know that it will be in the last quarter of the year and will coincide with the official launch of Android M, rather vague information and already took for granted. In Korea, it seems that analysts have some more information about the release and already give us some more detail.

From Asia, specifically in Business Korea, inform us that the Nexus made by LG will begin to take its first steps next month of October. At least some industry analysts say it. It is not anything confirmed by what best to take this information with care. Continue reading

Samsung Could Expand Their Business of Displays to Other Manufacturers, Huawei First

Samsung Display It is the division of the Korean company that is in charge of making screens for most of the devices of the company. Among them, of course, smartphones with its already characteristic AMOLED. So far, they had commissioned mainly to provide panels for themselves but a rumor from South Korea points to the future happens to sell to other manufacturers.

If the rumors are confirmed, Samsung will increase the production of AMOLED panels to supply to other companies. So far, they have provided screen manufacturers as Oppo or live, both with a small profile. However, soon could have a partner of high level and direct competitor of Samsung: Huawei. Continue reading

Weekenders Rumors: The Xperia Z5 Would Come in September with Specifications of Infarction

Last April and just after the new Sony Xperia Z4 was presented in Japan, We began to arrive the first rumors about who would be his successor. It was of a Z5 Xperia already pointed ways daring in theory to brand new processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 and incorporate a fingerprint reader.

Today Sunday they have jumped to the network new rumors about this new phone from Sony and other usual companions, Xperia Z5 Compact and Ultra, which would be officially presented in September in Japan and they stick to a blow on the table, at least the main model, with some specifications of the infarct. Continue reading

The OnePlus 2 Will Include a Fingerprint Reader

We told you this morning as you teach the first so-called OnePlus 2 screenshots, the Chinese company is repeating the strategy followed last year with its new smartphone, and is willing to go shelling its features in installments, showing us a new every Monday and almost forcing us in this way to speak of them again and again.

That is why that once two weeks ago, we knew that the new phone was going to have the second version of the Snapdragon 810, which in theory is not overheated, and last week to tell us that it would also integrate a USB Type-C connector, OnePlus a few minutes ago have announced on his official forum that It will also implement a fingerprint reader. Continue reading

The Nexus Already Have Images of Factory Android 5.1.1 Available

>Update [27/05/2015]: Added images of factory of the Nexus 4, 5 Nexus and Nexus 7 connectivity.
Update [11/05/2015]: Nexus 9 Wi-Fi you already have available for download Android 5.1.1 (LMY47X) factory image.

The minor update Android 5.1.1 Lollipop continuous reaching the family Nexus devices. After premiering last week in the Nexus Player now turn to two models of the Nexus 7 Wi-Fi (2012-2013) and the Nexus 10, having already list their respective images of factory for those users who don’t want to wait to the OTA for now enjoy this new version of Android. Continue reading

The ZTE Nubia Z9 Tena Listing Appears with 3.5 GHz Processor and 8 GB of RAM

The Chinese invasion of mobiles without frames is already just around the corner, and in recent weeks I’ve been talking of two devices that promise to give much to talk about, the Oppo R7 and the Z9 Nubia, being the first to be presented officially next May 6 once a few weeks ago this last ZTE is desvelasen Max and Mini versions.

But the absence of marcos could not be the only weapon with which the new flagship of ZTE arrived at the market, and our Gizchina colleagues have echoed the appearance of the device on the web was with Nubia NX508J name showing never seen so far, specifications-processor with CPU 3.5 Ghz and 8 GB of RAM, all a bestiality. Continue reading