Why Wear A Tailor-Made Shirt?

Enviewed To Better Clothing?

The ready-to-wear range for men is relatively important today, and the choice of materials and cuts allows you most of the time to find your happiness quickly.

Because yes, it is more tedious to go take his measures, choose his cloth and finally make a decision, rather than handing this decision into the hands of a ready-to-wear brand.

But it is the price to pay to have a shirt perfectly at his waist, and that perfectly fits his tastes.

To understand the value of buying a tailor-made shirt, I went to meet Clotilde Ranno, a creator of shirts to find out why the tailored shirt is so important to her eyes.

The shirt, this garment so important

For Clotilde, the shirt is the cornerstone of the men’s wardrobe. This is a point of view that I share with her, and I had recently written an article on how to choose a shirt for men.

Even if the costume is attracting attention and is now enjoying renewed interest in series such as Mad Men, House of Cards or Suits, it is clear that many men affirm an increasingly relaxed style in the Professional background. Casual chic is the new suit!

But once the three – piece costume fell (it was too often a black outfit too big for that matter!) And replaced with jeans or a chinoand a jacket, the moccasins bartered against a pair of Stan Smith (or, An alternative to the Stan Smith  !!), and that you allow yourself a beard of five days (yes Loïc it is you that I look !!), the shirt remains the last formal element of the masculine locker room.

According to Clotilde, ”  this garment brings to any man knowing well to wear it this chic twist slightly rebellious and so seductive. (Word of woman gentlemen!)

But to be really elegant, we talk about shirt, t-shirt or any other garment, we must always take care to choose the right cut and especially the right size!! (I recommend you always try a size below to see.) Avoid doing the opposite!

Of course, a man must wear a perfectly fitted shirt. This means that the shirt should not be too narrow or too wide. It must adapt to the circumstances and lifestyle of each.

When to choose a tailor-made shirt?

For me, it is very interesting to go to the side of shirts tailor-made when our physique does not fit perfectly in the standards.

I have often noticed in shops and in my entourage that among men who buy ready-to-wear shirts, some are forced to compromise in terms of size. If this is your case, you have certainly encountered these types of problems:

A good neck strap but a shoulder width (otherwise called the middle) and a length of sleeves that are not suitable (more or less big/long).

The good build but a neck ridiculously small or ridiculously too big! (Arrghh I can not close the last button). I often see menwearing a tie without closing the button on their collar, which, you will agree, does not confer a very professional image, besides the fact that Clotilde finds it ”  totally kill-love” ! (Not this is absolutely not chic and cool  !!)

A cut too narrow or too wide. We agree with Clotilde, “wearing clothes that are too wide will not give you more charisma, and will tend to hide and make you look more slender than you really are. You see that we are not the only ones to think!

If you have ever been the victim of one of the previous cases (and even if that is not the case!) Then it is really worth to wear tailor-made shirts, not only for the big days but for all The days because you do not know in advance when you are going to meet an important customer, your future boss or the editor of a blog fashion man  with sharp eye! (I laugh, this is not our kind of criticism !!)

A real personal advisor

To have a shirt made to measure, how it happens? First of all, trust Clotilde! She is there to advise you on the cut , but also on the choice of fabric, collar, wrists and all other details. If you are not sure of yourself she will know how to refer you. She knows what she’s talking about. I was able to test his knowledge in the field, and Clotilde won the Gold VGL !!

So, with a custom shirt (and Clotilde’s advice), you’re sure to have the perfect shirt for you and just for you, with:

A quality fabric, because Clotilde works with the best manufacturers (Soktas, Thomas Masson, etc.).

The right cut, you’ll understand.

A color and a collar that go. Again, trust him if you hesitate!

Wrists and a throat (button placket) that you will not necessarily find in the trade.

Your initials embroidered for example (apparent or not) or small customizations of which you alone have the secret.

The Price Of A Tailor-Made Shirt?

Let’s talk finance! A custom made shirt of quality certainly represents a budget (about 130 €), however this is a very good investment.

Clotilde Ranno’s custom-made shirts fall into our “very good” category thanks to the fabrics she uses and to the French factory known for her know-how with which she works. It is for sure a shirt that will last in time.

How’s A Purchase From Clothilde?

If the purchase of a tailor-made shirt may seem tedious because you have to make an appointment, move and allow some time for the first order (at least 30 minutes), your efforts will be largely rewarded:

  1. You will have access toexcellent tailor-made (knowing you can remotely control it afterwards).
  2. You aresure of the measures taken! A detail that is not one, when one knows that it is impossible to take oneself oneself (do not try, is not feasible!!) and that it is very complicated for a third person to Do so when it is not a trade.
  3. You will have access toa very wide range of personalization, on which Clotilde will be able to advise you very well to avoid the couacs
  4. You touch andchoose the fabrics that suit you. This is an opportunity to re-read our article on shirt fabrics to better understand the secret of a good fabric.
  5. Finally, if you have time when you are at Clotilde, expecta real meeting between enthusiasts! After a tea or a coffee, she will share with you her knowledge about the shirt, details about the workshop located in France with which she works. And I do not joke, the last time I saw Clotilde we spent at least two hours chatting !!

But the most important is still the shirt you came to look for! It will arrive two to three weeks later, presented in a beautiful case and in tissue paper, and generally do not need to take it twice, everything is in place!!

It is thanks to all these little details that make it possible to adjust the shirt at the best that it is recommended to go to test the pleasure of being cut a custom shirt at Clotilde.

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