Tankini, Bikini, Trikini: Are You Familiar With The Vocabulary Of Swimsuit

Tankini, bikini or trikini, you lose in the middle of all these names of swimwear and struggling to make a difference?We’re here to help. It is true that this summer, the trend is to tankini and bikini or trikini models. But it is not always easy to recognize, and especially to know which is the most suitable for your silhouette. Our article will explain in details what are the three types of swimsuit woman summer 2012 and for which they are best suited. We will select three, in order to give you an overview of what you can find as models on LemonCurve sites (link: lemoncurve.com/swimwear), Boden (link: boden.fr/swimwear) and Beach Store Cannes (link: beachstorecannes.com/swimwear )).

The summer is approaching, and like all women you will soon start your quest for the perfect swimsuit. Among all brands and all forms that exist, it is sometimes difficult to navigate. Before buying a swimsuit, it is important to know what style suits you best. Do you need to focus on the swimsuit classic two-piece bikini? The covering tankini swimsuit? Or the sexy swimsuit trikini? Now simplyyellowpages will introduce the hottest swimsuit of woman summer 2012 .
The bikini swimsuit: what kind of shape is suitable?
The bikini is a swimsuit two parts consisting of a rather low-cut top and a pair of triangular shape.The two pieces of the swimsuit are separated, leaving visible belly. The bikini is known for giving women a sexy and very feminine look. It is more and more worn, especially by young women who have no complex.
The bikini is especially carried by fairly thin women, who have a silhouette in H (also broad shoulders that hips) or a (little chest, nice size) twig silhouette. The goal is to highlight your assets: uncover your pretty flat stomach, put forward your butt with bikini models or highlight your small chest with highs of swimsuits push up. If you are more rounded, you can obviously wear the bikini, however it tends to leave see an important part of the body, and if you’re not comfortable with yours, it may be better finding a swimsuit more suited to your silhouette.
We begin our selection with the “Plunge Livia” of Livia brand bikini. We particularly appreciate the twist at the level of the breasts in-between, which gives the shirt a lot of originality. Cutting from the top of the Jersey is from above and the top has shells which enhance and highlight your chest and you ensure a good hold. The straps are adjustable and the Jersey closes with a clip on the back.
The bottom of the Jersey has meanwhile a contrast between the upper part to peas and the United lower part. The upper part is slightly gathered. We like the glamorous and sexy this swimwear that puts your forms in value: chest, butt, flat stomach will be put forward. If you have a generous bust, you can wear this shirt that will keep your breasts. The top of the Jersey is available from size 36 to 40 at the price of € 56.50 and Pant is available in 38 and 42 and costs € 39 at LemonCurve (link:lemoncurve.com/swimwear )).
The Tankini: what type of women is for?
The tankini is a swimsuit top and bottom is sold separately. The tankini is a swimsuit top that strongly resembles a tank top. Be aware that he has many strengths and it is appreciated by all styles of women: on the one hand it is perfect for athletes who like to spend their summer on a surfboard. Indeed, it will protect properly your skin from irritations and you assure a lot of comfort.
The second feature of the tankini is that it combines the comfort of the swimsuit two parts to thepower control that allows you to hide your curves. Indeed, some models are strengthened at the level of the chest and guarantee so good support while others have an effect sculpting that will hide your curves located at the level of the belly and the size. Final advantage of the tankini? He respect your modesty and protect you from the UV
The tankini swimsuit we chose is a tankini with Ruffles. Blue is the color of the season, and we especially love this association of turquoise blue and darker blue. A link is to tie around the neck to hang the top of the Jersey. Nicely to neckline, this tankini will sublimate your chest while maintaining properly with removable molded pads. Remember that you can also buy the bottom of the swimsuit on the site. This tankini is finding on Boden (link: boden.fr/swimwear) at the price of € 31,20instead of €39.
The trikini: what shape is it recommended?
The trikini is a swimsuit Brazilian, composed of a top and a bottom which are connected with a band, a string or rings at the level of the belly. Let it be said, the trikini is ideally worn by rather thin women. It sublime silhouette, puts forward the chest and pretty shapes then if you are perfectly proportioned, go for it!
However, the trikini also has the advantage of sculpt your stomach and hide a few small curves. If you have forms, you can wear it, it will sublimate your chest and hide your tummy. But if you are round, forget the trikini that tends to mark the shapes and curves, including the size.
The trikini we chose to illustrate our point is a brand Banana Moon trikini. Adorned with rings, this trikini will beautifully put your chest. The black color of the Jersey will refine your silhouette and will hide your small curves located at the level of the belly. This trikini will forward your waist and hips, and thighs. It is available from size 36 to 44 at the price of €75 on the Beach Store Cannes site (link:beachstorecannes.com/swimwear )).
Now that you’ve mastered the vocabulary of swimsuit woman summer 2012, you can go to the onslaught of the swimsuit that will enhance your figure and highlight your assets. You will find the bikini, tankini and trikini our selection on LemonCurve sites (link: lemoncurve.com/swimwear), Boden (link: boden.fr/swimwear) and Beach Store Cannes (link:beachstorecannes.com/swimwear). If you found the Jersey that you like but you are not sure that it matches your silhouette, do not hesitate to consult our article How to choose his swimsuit was 2012 based on her figure? But remember that in any case, the important thing is to feel good about his body, and in his Jersey.

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