Philips Everlite: A Headset That Stands Up Well!

Present in many sectors of activity, the Dutch company Philips has gradually built a certain notoriety in the field of audio. It was during the 2016 IFA Berlin last September that the brand presented its new range Flite, with 3 headsets (Everlite, Aerolite, Ultrlite) and (Hyprlite) in-ear model. It’s the Philips Everlite that interests us today.

Right out of the box, you will notice a rather simple design overall but that will keep its charm, with its White pads, his gentle arch to touch or even finish metallic on the headphones. Priced at € 39.99, so we deal here with a handsome helmet. We appreciate even its lightness and its ability to fold his headphones along the arch, criteria that will facilitate its transport.

Its ease of use is also highlighted. The hoop is easily adjustable and the pads surrounding the speakers do the work.We will however miss the absence of similar pads on the arch, which would have provided more comfort on the duration.

On the edge of the helmet, we find a remote control classic, allowing one press to answer calls or launch a Play/Pause of a piece of music. Too bad there is not however available on the volume control. Small convenient to clarify, Philipshas designed a flat wire to avoid nodes, always harmful to the life of the wired headphones.

Now the musical experience. The Philips Everlite type circum-aural, the latter well surrounds your ears so you isolate effectively from the outside and better enjoy your music. Once in condition, place to the music! After listening extended by several musical styles, Philips Everlite will eventually offer a rather honest benefit on the treble and the rendering of the voice. However, the sound will miss depth with bass somewhat indented, which is a shame because it offers a sound that deserved more character. However, the helmet will defend more than well on all listened styles. Read more at

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