Original Wedding Dresses

Are you looking for a wedding dress different from anyone they have seen? Here’s a selection of wedding dresses original with lots of personality so you can get inspired in them when it comes to settle on your dress.

Although white or ivory remain the colours predominant in the majority of bridal fashion catalogs,gateways indicate that unconventional wedding dresses are. Increasingly, women who want to surprise their wedding day bringing a touch of originality to your wedding dresses. This explains the rise of original wedding dresses, with color or patterned, multi-piece wedding dresses, as well as trend ´sparkling bride´ and the ´slip dress´.

Whether to pass by the altar or the later celebration, then we review some of the latest trends in bridal fashion so that you can take inspiration from facing your link. you dare to wear any of these original wedding dresses or prefer traditional white?

Wedding Dresses With Color

Many women look to impress his guests wearing original wedding dresses. What better than a suit in shades of pink to break with the traditional white? This trend seen it in weddings of famous crowd. Artists such as Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Biel, Gwen Stefani, Kaley Cuoco, or Julianne Moore resorted to the palette of PINKS and LILACS for their wedding dresses. Even royalty, so attached to traditions, joins modernity with this trend as Beatrice Borromeo chose a beautiful Valentino in Pink for her civil marriage to Pierre Casiraghi.

Printed Wedding Dresses

Patterned wedding dresses are also going strong. Angelina Jolie captured everyone’s attention on your wedding day with Brad Pitt when he chose a dress of Versace that wore the veil and tail decorated with embroidered drawings of all his children. They have filled a choice very close to one of the weddings of famous to more magazine covers in the world.

On the other hand FAG Pellegrini, the spouse of the singer Eros Ramazotti, wanted to pay tribute during his wedding to one of the most original wedding dresses from Valentino. Organza skirt printed had the score of one of the songs of the musician, certainly a romantic detail.

The it girl Poppy Delavigne led for your wedding in Marrakech, impressive style boho and medieval Court signed by Emilio Pucci printed design. The dress was inspired by a model of the prefault 2014 of the signature collection.

Other original wedding dresses are signed by Alberta Ferretti and Valentino. Ferretti is this dress from the collection of spring-summer 2014 made in chiffon with lace, long sleeves and flowers embroidered at the top. Valentino collection cruise 2015, is this printed wedding dress conceived as a tribute to the work of Frida Khalo.

Wedding Dresses With Several Parts

A new and original trend that brides can combine styles that better to feel them, are the wedding dresses with several parts. The result achieved is unique and modern, being the maximum representative of this style socialite Olivia Palermo.

She wore at her wedding with Johannes Huebl model a set of three pieces signed by Carolina Herrera, formed by a top long sleeve cashmere, shorts and over them a skirt of embroidered tulle.Cobalt blue Manolo Blahnik shoes put the touch of colour to this look so sophisticated.

Wedding Dresses Original & Lingerie

Everything in fashion returns and the dresses lingerie emerge with force. These dresses are one of the strongest of the season and will fulfill your wedding dress’s sensuality. Style 90s lencero is one of the strongest in bridal fashion for this year.

Wedding lingerie dresses are delicate dresses, fabrics, bright and full of femininity, in which sensuality mixed with elegance exquisitely. While this style is suitable for a link on the beach or for a casual ceremony, it may be too much for a religious ceremony.

Trend Sparkling Bride

For a while now, the bridal fashion editorials and social networks are filled with wedding dresses with shiny sequins. It is what is known as ´sparkling bride´. This type of designs not usually found frequently in the collections of wedding because they break with tradition, are more expensive, and your audience is more limited than with the conventional wedding dress.

Many firms wedding often include in their proposals of holidays which are modified replicas of their wedding dresses. Brides who marry following the trend ´sparkling bride´ tend to opt for metallic colours (gold, gold silver, rose gold, or achampanado).

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