Mineral Water Bottles Can Be Reused?

There are many opinions about the good or bad we use to fill the bottles of mineral water from plastic but often these views not accompanied by arguments.

We are going to try to shed light on the issue and explain here the three factors to consider.

Material container, possible introduction of microorganisms and reuse with liquid toxic. Let’s start with this last point. In some brands of mineral water is indicated not reuse to avoid the filled with toxic liquids, since refilling bottles of mineral water with other liquids such as cleaners or disinfectants of similar appearance to the water can produce a domestic accident with serious consequences.

There have been cases of corrosive fluids that have produced burns and poisoning consequences and irreparable damage.

Regarding the second point, introduction of microorganisms, to drink directly from the bottle, there is an introduction of microorganisms inside the bottle and they proliferate freely due to three factors: light, humidity and time. For this reason, the water renewal time is an important factor. Also it should be noted that glass is a material in which micro-organisms have greater difficulty to adhere in plastics. Finally, the material of the container is designated with an indicator under the vessel indicating the type of material used. The recommended material for power which is indicated with the number 1 inside a triangle.This nomenclature indicates that its composition is polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and does not contain Bisphenol A, organic compound that many countries classified as injurious to health.

Given these three factors, we can decide in which cases fill a plastic mineral water bottle or not.

Finally, it must not forget that it is important to make a visual check of the container, since it can have another type of damage such as warping due to exposure to high temperatures.

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