Information on the Dog Food Purina One Mini!

Think of the Purina One Mini range specially designed for dogs of small size?

If you feel that the big brands get excited more for large dogs, if you find it difficult to find your mini Doggie loved food, this should pique your interest: the Purina One Mini brand is only designed for tiny dogs. We tell you more!

Description of the Purina One Mini Mark

The Purina One Mini brand has replaced the brand Purina One My Dog Is. It is a subsidiary of the well-known brand Purina. It was developed for a very precise target, small dogs weighing less than 10kg.

Small breeds have sometimes struggled to find suitable croquettes, especially because of their metabolism and the size of the kibble. It has the air of nothing, but with a small jaw, it is not necessarily very comfortable for biting into big bites, so good they were!

The goal of this brand is to meet the needs of these small dogs.

Regarding ingredients, acknowledged an effort on the amount of animal protein and control fat and sugars. In contrast, although without wheat, these cakes contain gluten, no doubt to give their fluffy croquettes “tender”, even in the recipe for sensitive dogs. Many add-ins allow to bring the nutrients essential for good health.

The Various Products of the Brand

Brand is divided into 6 products, with a base of protein from chicken and other meat has small amount:

  • Junior: for puppies during weaning and during growth, this diet is designed to help bone, brain and immune development. We can wonder about a few barbaric words in the ingredients, but other than that, the product seems well suited.
  • Adult: for dogs whose growth is over and have a normal life without specific pathology. The ingredients are relatively simple.
  • Weight control: because obesity is not just the big dogs, it is sometimes necessary to take care of the line of small dogs! Poor croquettes in fat (10%) to limit the caloric intakes and promote physical activity.
  • Sensitive: for dogs who suffer from chronic digestive problems. This range is deemed more digestible, but we could be surprised by the presence of wheat and gluten in the recipe.
  • Active: for small dogs that do not take place or who work with their master. 28% protein to feed the muscles.
  • Senior: For small dogs over 8 years, they are easy to chew and help to maintain weight, bone and skin.

Price of Purina One Mini Cakes

As for any new brand, it can be found on internet at their official right here. The croquettes for now are sold in packets of 1.5 kg, batch of packages if you want to save some money.

For now, we can find them between € 3.05 and € 4 kg. The price is not the product but lots that are available or not for some of them!

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Give Your Opinion on the Purina One Dog Food

Your dog is fed with Purina One? What do you think of their quality? The price? Different ranges?

Feel free to testify further down in the comments to inform other pups on the pros and cons of feeding Purina One!

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