How to Wear a Jumpsuit with Style

n today’s post I teach how to wear overalls – a one-of- a-kind piece that has lots of power and versatility in your wardrobe, but you sure still have questions about how to wear it in different looks. I say this because many friends are afraid to invest in a “to wear a 2 times” overalls as it ends up being a very marked look and it is difficult to repeat the piece with creativity.If you think this, this post is for you!

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Let’s start with the stripped looks – look great combined with little skirts or sneakers that leave your feet a little exposed . The open mules in the back are a good modern option to match your overalls and leaves the production full of style. Bet on bags with side handle and monochromatic looks because they are two tricks that lengthen the silhouette too much . Also prefer more sharp models to create the hourglass shape and balance the body.

If the idea is to bet on a more sophisticated look is great for parties and even a little more informal weddings. The smooth pieces in dark shades are perfect for these occasions, in this case, bet on different modeling like bell sleeve, lace collar, V neckline or flare pants to give an up on your production . Combine with small bags and high heels – here’s the biggest tip of that post – the pants should cover the entire footwear and get 1 finger of the dog as in the second photo of the last row in this fuchsia look!

A good tip to reinvent the looks in overalls is to bet on various overlaps : it can be with underwear , which is super current and leaves the look stripped as in the last photo. One option with the face of summer is to bet on croppeds tops and models with neckline shoulder to shoulder . Already for the looks of work it is incredible to play a blazer or jacket.

Finally, the accessory that most matches the piece is the belt ! That’s right, you can not teach how to wear jumpsuits without commenting that the tapered models are the best to balance the proportions and leave your body amazing with the piece! It could be a metallic belt in the party look, a band that comes in the overall suit, a belt matching the shoe or chains with a rock’n’roll face or even a retro jumpsuit from!

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