How to Choose the Length of Sleeves for a Shirt

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What is the length of your shirt sleeves?

This is a first-rate question (if I assure you), and I will tell you everything about how I decide the ideal length for my shirt sleeves.

It all depends on the style of the shirt in question.

A business shirt

When I buy a shirt designed to be worn with a suit-for example a white shirt with small French collar-I prefer to choose a length of sleeve that is a little longer (without covering the hand!).

Why ? Because it allows you to always have one centimeter of shirt that protrudes from the jacket (I hold). This makes it possible to have a beautiful silhouette and not to give the visual impression that the sleeves of the suit are too long.

Here is the result in the picture below, it is for me the perfect length.

A casual shirt

For this type of shirt – for example a denim shirt or an oxford shirt – I opt for sleeves a little shorter because I know I will wear it less often or never with a suit jacket (and in general the Sleeves of my “casual” blazers are shorter).

Therefore no need to take the lead with “the small centimeter”.

In both cases, if you choose too long sleeves, they will crinkle and crash on your wrist (and that’s really horrible) giving the effect of shortening your arms!

To summarize, it is remembered that the sleeves of my dressed shirts cover the wrist and very slightly the beginning of the hand, while on my casual shirts the sleeves arrive at the beginning of the wrist.

The difference may seem subtle, but it makes all the difference!

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