Helmet Jays V-Jays, Heart

One thing is certain, the Jays v-Jays doesn’t look, with his minimalist design, made offiberglass and plastic, its Atria foam square and to rounded and his ultralight headband, Jays don’t give visibly to fashion helmets – fashion accessories. 

Equipment provided includes a pair of spare headsets, an extension for cable, Jays has accustomed us to much better. This helmet open type is extremely light (59 g), foldable and therefore dedicated to mobile use. The extremely fine foam of the Atria protects not enough contact with the plastic of the transducers in my opinion, this could prove embarrassing for listening to long term.

Once more the Cowon J3 mp3 player is used for listening tests, with the format of lossless compression (lossless) files Flac. The extension is fast indispensable, the length of the cord being just a little. Divine surprise, listening is outstanding balance.

The low are scopes without being overwhelming, there is variety and magnitude without artifice, which is very rare in this price range. The medium is also successful, it is readable, subtle, is not indented as often on the entry-level headphones. The sound is sharp and clear, and the merger with the high frequencies is exemplary. It’s hard to believe that so many good sound out of this small lightweight headset. This headset is comfortable also bias with the classical than the rock, jazz and electronic music.

Then of course there is no scope of bandwidth or the tonal richness of a Focal Spirit or B & W P3, but they not boxing in the same price category. Insulation as she is very average, but you absolutely don’t disturb your neighbors at reasonable listening levels.

In conclusion, this is a small helmet to the unbeatable price/quality ratio and the sound remarkable, who will make agreat extra headset, or in replacing the caseqoften mediocre Siu provided with MP3 players. With thicker earpieces and a provided pouch, Jays would have been faultless. Try absolutely prior to purchase in this price range, you may be very pleasantly surprised.

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