Eye Shadow First Stage Line

Seeing how much I liked you the entry on the veil of silk facial pre-basic, today I come to speak to you about a pre-basic or primer for eyes. It’s the shadows of Stage Line post. Have it already practically in the past is that I’ve given a lot trot.

This fixative is formulated based on Silicones that form a barrier comes natural fat from the skin and the makeup that we put up. In this way, set the shadows and avoids that they accumulate in the folds of the eyelid, the shadows fade and lose intensity or disappear.

My eyelid is quite fatty, and I can assure you that with this pre-basic, the shadows remain in place until I desmaquillo me.

One thing I point out, is that you it’s a product free of oils and is that I found cases in that the prebases that had to avoid fatty eyelids to do his thing, that contained oils, the less strange…

Container I really like because all the product takes full advantage and is convenient to store and easy to carry. In addition, the product is not exposed to air, and this makes it very hygienic.

You have some color, but once applied on the eyelid, the color fades by merging with the skin, which is slightly unified. The shadows glide easily over it

In addition to operate very efficiently as pre-basic of makeup for eyelids, moreover it is treating. Contains Argan, oats, Shea butter, Aloe Vera and Jojoba.

Tube contains 10 ml and its price is around 9 euros, according to healthknowing.

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