Beachwear Trends 2014

Exit the monochrome basic swimsuit! In 2014, the trend is to the swimsuit original to draw all eyes to the beach. Fancy cuts, flashy colors and fun prints, there is the choice to have the weirdest style! Follow the guide.

We Adopt the Original Trend!

The year 2014 sign the advent of the swimsuit cool, original, fun, full of PEP, we want to wear with pride! We give up our black two-piece from the previous season in the closet and it is tempted by a “extravagant” swimsuit.

To stand out from the towel neighbor, there are a gaggle of models all more daring than the other. Choose a swimsuit with message or simply with a funny pattern. The big trend is the animal print! Cat, panda, Flamingo, deer, bear, you find your animal totem as the choice is vast!

Another success of the summer: the jerseys to cuts, strips or flanges that popping up all the shelves of stores and on the web sites of clothing.

The advantage of these original swimsuits, it’s that we don’t see them. Nobody’s going to notice your physical flaws, all the attention will be focused on your shirt and nowhere else!

But Beware of the Pitfalls…

OK, it is certain that you will be the most original person from the beach but there is another side to the coin. Is the main problem of the shirts to wacky strips and cuts… tanning ! Indeed, imagine the traces that will let these swimsuits graphic… Not to mention sunscreen that will be difficult to spread over the body.

A tip, if you’re the type to bask in the Sun for hours in order to wear a goddess Tan, avoid swimsuits with cutouts, prefer swimsuits color flashy or funky reasons. We let the straps and clamps to those who simply want to strut without trying to get a Tan.

And you, what swimsuit are you going to wear this summer? Leave us a comment!

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