About Down Sleeping Bags

The stuffing is the most important point when choosing a good sleeping bag that suits our needs, and is the one that is going to take the great part of responsibility in the final price of it.

The filler material creates a layer of air inside it, which is responsible for keeping the heat inside the sleeping bag.At higher layers of air, heat retention may occur.Hence the areas where we most crush the sack with our weight, are the most prone to heat loss.

We can find three groups of sleeping bags according to the filling material, such as down, synthetic fiber and cotton.We explain below the advantages and disadvantages of each one of them.

It is a natural product and its performance is indisputable.It is the material that offers greater retention of heat, more lightness and better compression, although as a disadvantage has its high price and its long time of drying when using it in very humid spaces.It is necessary to know that a wet bag loses all its functionality.

Usually the sacks are not composed of 100% down, but they mix it with feathers and other types of filaments that make it lose quality.The greater the amount of down, the greater its effectiveness.This relationship is expressed in the 90/10 way, which indicates 90% down and 10% feather (this would be the maximum quality that we can find of down in a sleeping bag).Always pay attention to this value, since many come with a 50/50 ratio, which will make the result not the same as much as we sell it as a down coat.But distinguish between a European and American bag, because the American standard can consider 90/10 if it has at least 89% down, while the European standard, can consider 90/10 if it has more than 81% down (so In this case would win the American).

Down bags are usually advertised in stores and catalogs within the same category “bags of feathers”.Therefore, we must look at the specific characteristics to see the amount of down that each carries.

There is white and gray down, but there is no difference in performance between them. There is also goose and goose down, both with the same performance, but different cuins at most (we’ll talk about it later).

And if the down is better European than Chinese, since in Europe there is the gastronomic culture of the foie, reason why the animal kills at the age of three years to collect the fat of his liver, being this down of rather more quality than The Chinese, who usually kill at three months.

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